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  • jt stumbler
    jt stumbler

    A volunteer organization called the "Minutemen" are patrolling the Arizona/Mexican border. This a 30 day stent. They are extra eyes and ears for the border patrol who have not gotten a lot of help from our Government. What are some of your thoughts about this. I've heard the Mexican government are actually taking the illegals to a stretch of border that is not being patrolled by these volunteers. I don't care if people want to come to this country, I just want them to come over legally.

  • Eyebrow2

    JT, I wish they would come over legally would make it easier on all parties involved. I am sure many have their reasons, but it it makes it tough all around.

    These people in the minutemen project, they claim that boarder guards have stated that that have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of people getting arrested since they have been out there. The minutmen policy is to NOT approach or involve oneself with those crossing. To just observe and report. They kicked a guy out a few days ago for violating that rule. (this was the guy that gave an illegal $20, some cereal and milk, and asked him to pose for a picture holding a tshirt that said " I was caught by so and so" with the volunteers name and photo on it), Now that guy...they don't need wackos like that (but hey, at least he gave the guy some food).

    If that is all they do, observe and report...more power to them. It is dangerous to cross the board illegally...Mexico apparantly is upset that these guys are out there..but they don't do much to stop their own people from coming over. Maybe they should focus more on improving their country instead of making families feel like they have to cross illegally just to earn money so their loved ones can survive.

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