Were any of you "Self righteous" in the begining?

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  • diamondblue1974

    Initially I thought I wasnt but looking back objectively I suppose I was...its a natural byproduct of the borg I think reading through other peoples posts.

    Much more chilled out and relaxed now though

  • new boy
    new boy

    112 people saw this post only 12 people though maybe -----------------------------------------they could have been well --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------just maybe --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------a little -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------but not to much --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------self ----------------------------------------------------------righteous------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GOD------------------------- what jerks we have become!!!!

  • orangefatcat

    I noticed while I read each posting that you are all males. Maybe some women don't consider themselves as self righteous, but I have known many who were and thought that they were better than everyone else in the cong. I found it most prevalent amongst elders wives.

    I swear some of them thought they were in charge of everything. One elder I loved and admired, his wife would hand out the ministry school assignments, call to get your service time and would just seem to have airs about her.

    Some I know were notorious gossippers an if you weren't out in the service each week you were considered weak and were targeted by their little group as a topic of conversation.

    Some were so self absorbed that they would actually ignore you. It was something to see.

    As for my self, I didn't put on airs, what you saw is what you got. I never put a single witness done even though I knew they were doing it to me.

    And it hurt. If they had only stopped to think how cruel they were maybe they would have stopped or at least some may have stopped.

    I remembered this bible text that says, "if you exalt your self you will be humbled by God and the one who was humble was exalted by God".


  • Es

    OMG OFC I cant believe they let the elders wife hand out theocratic slips and stuff.

  • The Leological One
    The Leological One

    I remember even being able to judge by a person's conversation whether they were really a witness. Although, I was a target of many for being weak, I also looked down on the others because I was the sincere one trying to do what was right in school by not dating the worldly. Anyway, I, of course did not have any friends because I was not among the clicks of dub witness children, but it still was not right of me to think so highly of myself. I didn't even realize that I was doing that. No wonder I was so hated in school and everywhere else. My self-righteousness was something I did not see as I was trying to save all these other people from imminent death in a cataclismic war where I would see people I knew having their eyes picked out by the birds in God's Great Evening Meal. How I hated being alone and friendless everywhere I turned.

    I do find that brothers are very critical of anyone who happens to always have to ask for financial help due to their circumstances. They are so self-righteous that even if you are in a position where you really have to accept any form of governmental assistance, even if the only one you are on helps pay for the roof over your head, you are considered nothing but a reprobate. I believe that forgot Jesus words that "the poor will always be with you" is in fact a reality and those truly deserving who do not take advantage of the system, but work within it to survive should not be condemned. Even ancient Isreal provided gleaning of other people' land in order that the afflicted and poor should survive. My family was the widow and fatherless child with the affliction of depression. Anyone who new our hearts would have known how much we really loved Jehovah. Where is the real generosity and love for the poor? They're too busy trying to feel superior because somehow "God doesn't bless the poor." What do you think?

    Leo's wife

  • Aude_Sapere
    I actully had a card make up to hand to people saying "Have sword will travel"------on the bottom it said A A A {available after armageddon} because I tought anyone who got married before then was a slacker.


    I just remembered a pioneer sister in my original congregation in NJ. She was a proud member of the AAA club too! Dottie Umscheid. Wonder what happened to her?? This was back in the early 70's.


  • swiftbreeze


    I feel you. and i hated that. it was like if you were poor then Jah wasnt blessing your family.

    regarding the sisters: they were the most judgemental. Elders wives would pick you apart like buzzards or avoid you like the plague. The PO wife was like the Queen bee.

    I remember i had a part on the school with a po wife, and she started questioning me about my family, asking me questions about our family study, and field service time... and if we argued and fought with each other. I swear it seemed like she had looked in some personal file or something...i was like "WTF!" when i left her house i felt like my privacy had been violated.

    as for me: yes i've been judgemental towards people at times..i don't want to say that i've been self righteous but i'm sure i have in some way or another... the borg trains your thinking that way

  • love2Bworldly

    I was definitely self-righteous and at this point in my life, am ashamed of the way I used to view other people. Especially 'worldly people' who were often better people than the JWs.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Having been a pioneer for several years, I was way up high in my horse of selfrighteousness.

    I can still have that same attitude at times. Just because I'm no longer a JW emotionally doesn't mean that I've adopted the "everything is fine and alright as long as you don't hurt anybody" new morality (meaning lack there of) crap that so many are adopting in this day and age.


  • Was New Boy
    Was New Boy

    That's why I think it is important to have compassion for "SR" people who are still "in the tooth".....at one time we were them!

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