Something funny I heard on Howard Stern

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  • TweetieBird

    I was listening to Howard Stern this morning and Robin mentioned that someone approached her with the Watchtower. She told the JW that she was not interested, he asked her if she had ever read the Watchtower. She said yes, he asked her what she thought about it and I loved her reply...she said that she thought that she never wanted to read another one. He thanked her for her honesty and walked away. Howard said that he could be a JW and not want to read it either. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  • franklin J
    franklin J


    Only those of us who have listened to the Howard Stern show fully appreciate the humor....

  • ValiantBoy

    That's hilarious. Even as a Witness I hated reading the magazines. Even if I agreed with the doctrinal articles, those lame ass awake articles were an embarrassment. Particular ones I hated were aboutt the stacking Russian dolls and an article about Hungarian goulash. Poorly written and just stupid! Really, who in Texarkana AR or Valliant OK gives a flying fuck aboutt he origins of Hungarian goulash?

  • love11

    That's great! I love Robin. They're both so brutally honest. I wish I had heard that! lol hahaha

  • integ


    I heard that too. Howard actually said; "Watchtower..that's Jehovah Witness right?...I could be Jehovah Witness..I don't know".

    Then he said something like; "That's all crap". That's what I got anyway. Howard has also said that he might want to be a Mormon.


  • JAVA

    Thanks for sharing this TB -- it's a riot!

    The Tower wants the rank-n-file to think the world is out to get them for various noble reasons. Stuff like this shows what the world really thinks--the religion is a joke.

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