Will a joint a day keep the doctor away???

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  • talesin


    Amazing woman you are!

    And all the hard work you have done, in joining the Y, quitting smoking, changing your eating habits; these are the long-term changes that will improve your state of well-being.

    I like to think of illness as dis-ease , not disease, and we need to do what we can to 'ease' our discomfort, and most people do not work that hard at changing their lifestyle. Bouquets to you!


  • jaredg

    hey whyamihere and devinsmom....lets get together and blaze....i've got some boobonic chronic yo

  • funkyderek


    I've seen too many lives screwed up by drugs of all kinds.

    Liquid refreshments fill the void just fine.

    Yeah, 'cos alcohol's never screwed up anyone's life

    The "marijuana as gateway drug" argument usually leaves me seething with frustration. Every time the issue of legalisation pops up, news programmes bring on some pundit who tells us that over 99% of heroin addicts started with marijuana and that therefore marijuana is a gateway drug and should remain illegal with heavy penalties for possession. Never once have I heard the interviewer call the pundit on the fact that the wrong figure is being measured. The correct way to determine whether marijuana is a gateway drug is to calculate the percentage of marijuana users who go on to become heroin addicts, which is of course very low. It is quite obvious that those whose fear or distaste of drugs stops them from even trying marijuana are unlikely to start injecting heroin into their veins. It's also obvious that the percentage of heroin addicts who began their drug career with alcohol or tobacco must approach 100%. If either of these drugs was illegal, it too would be considered a gateway drug by those who are unwilling or unable to think rationally about the subject.

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