Anyone want to add to a poem, good at it or not?

by ButtLight 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • candidlynuts

    mooning over each other

    thats what you two do

    why dont you get a room

    and invite a horny emu!

  • JH

    A horny emu a butt and a rat

    come together for a chat

  • ButtLight

    I woke up today, and got on the forum

    I thought maybe I was just being dumb!

    The 75 post that I usually can use,

    went to 25 now thats just abuse!

    I was able to post just 2 threads a day,

    But Now Im allowed just one, what the hay!!!!!!!!!

  • the_classicist

    I once knew a man who had a hat

    And then he bought a paper bat

    When he got home to kill his cat

    The paper bat fell flat.

    This man, who I knew, was most dear unto me

    For he always smiled around the fire at the club

    I always saw him drinking brandy

    Until his Brandy gave him a thump!

    For with scorned lovers, there is alway a cuckold.

    And Brandy played that part for the old one.

    And so she sought her sweet revenge

    And gave him a headache for times to come.

    I've never seen a man with a larger gash

    in his head, nor with brains gone to mash.

    For this women is angry

    that's to be sure,

    So that never in your life will you again cross Brandy.

  • ButtLight

    emu emu, you smell like poo pooh!

  • ButtLight

    classisist!!!!!!! write your own poetry! It so much more fun

  • the_classicist

    My last post was my own!!!!!

  • ButtLight

    If the size is what matters, then we have to agree,

    before the test, they have to go pee!

    If its the size that counts, as some women say,

    then most of them had some time to decay!

  • ButtLight

    Beer is good beer is fine!

    Just like is the memorial wine!

    We partake, we like to eat!

    Just shut up and take your seat!

    You cant drink beer, cause its not right,

    The wine you wont give up a fight

    But now bud light comes into mind,

    A beer I have no problem to find!

    Its in my fridge, its all around,

    and soon I will be now where to be found!

    So help me lord, and forgive me please

    I dont mean to be a "BUTTLIGHT" tease!

  • ButtLight

    My dearest JH, the rat that is kind

    For one day I hope, the love you will find!

    It may be close by, or so far away.

    But soon it will come, to you, someday!

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