JW's Make News Eating Hospital Food

by professor 9 Replies latest jw friends

  • professor

    After all of those hoagies and Shasta colas, hospital food sounds good!


  • Stephanus

    Well, it's really just a cafeteria in a hospital, and of course, Dubs can eat wherever they like. There's just something about this story that doesn't sound right, for some reason.

  • kwintestal

    It really sounds like it was written by a dub, using a term like "Field Service". I doubt a reporter would use that term because the reader would wonder WTF he was talking about.


  • prophecor

    One of the few things we as witnesses were allowed to do, within reason, that is, was to eat. Many of us had a passion for it. Oh, for the days when coming home from the assembly on a Sunday night, stopping off at the local feedbag, you know the type. The all you can eat smorgasbord ala Country Buffet, we'd eat ourselves almost into oblivion, God, we could hardly wait to get home to the dental floss!!!

  • undercover

    It ain't because it's good food, it's because it's cheap. If there's something cheap or free to be had, a JW will find it.

  • rebel8

    FWIW, the hospital where I work has an awesome cafeteria and many people from the community use it as a restaurant.

  • BluesBrother

    Sure , we have found that the local hospital cafeteria is open to all, cheap and tasty . When in that part of town I have often used it,don't get around there much these days though. Oh well, off to Macdonalds ......

  • Dragonlady76

    I have fond memories of Shasta cola


  • Sweetp0985

    yeah thats ONE of the only "good" memories about being a dub...they would always know the good food places...and at my hall...you could look forward to after sunday meetings going eat out instead of having to come home and cook on the hot stove.....

  • the_classicist
    I have fond memories of Shasta cola

    When I went down to the states on a school trip, a bunch of us bought tonnes of food at this supermarket to put in our hotels rooms. A few guys bough some flats of Shasta cola. We all though it was a knockoff brand, like Safeway cola. BTW everyone thought it was horrible, but great for one's caffeine needs.

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