Hello to old friends

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  • FlyingHighNow

    Hi Donkey, I remember you. I always liked your comments and your avatars. When you say loner, I hope you mean that you you've been on your own as far as exjw support and not that you've become a recluse or something. I hope you are very happy. I'm so glad you stopped in to say hello.

  • WildHorses

    (((((((Donkey))))))) I remember you too! I hope everything is going well in your slice of the world.

  • myself

    ((((((((((Donkey)))))))))) Welcome back. Glad to see you again. So how about an update on your past year besides being a recluse.

  • outnfree

    Hi, (((Donkey)))!

    Nice to "see" you!


  • donkey

    Hi and it's nice to "see" you guys..

    Orange and Ona (I grouped the O's together) - yes much water has flowed under the bridge and I hope the bridge is as sturdy as ever and you are both doing great. Thanks for thinking of me.

    Brummie - I have not ever had an xJW forum. I have hosted some other forums but they are related to secular matters and none are currently active as I decided to spend my time on behavioral finance and have been engrossed in this for some time now. BTW this is why I have been a loner for a while now as the only way I am currently able to find fulfillment involves non JW/xJW interests and my circumstances mean I have few friends in real life.

    seeit - thanks for the IM on the other site. We have not engaged in much conversation but you have always been wonderfully nice to me.

    Flyinghigh, no I am not a recluse. I just have difficult family circumstances and trying to fit into the xJW community is next to impossible for me. Perhaps this is why I went from being my true self to being a "hostile" participant on the boards as it was self serving destruction and I needed to break away from the xJW community or otherwise I would have to break away from my family. I currently co-exist with my family but share no part dubdom whatsoever (I am further away from the cult than ever before in my life). At any rate it's good to see you and I hope all is well with you.

    ((((Wildhorses and Myself and OutnFree))))) - wow you are 3 of the original people I knew here. How have you all been doing? I hope each of you are doing well. Please send me a message if you want my email address and I would be happy to stay in touch.


  • gumby

    Hey....ya donkey bastard!.....Nice to hear from you. You and I shared some similar views and I always liked your posts. Glad life is better for you my friend Hows you and Gods 'Word' gettin along? You HAVE been keeping up on your daily bible reading haven't ya?


  • talesin

    w/b Donkey

    I'm glad to hear life is improving.

  • donkey

    Gumby - you too can find happiness if you are conscious of your spiritual needs (Matt 5:3)!! LOLOL

    Tales - thanks. I hope you are doing good too.

  • seeitallclearlynow
    seeit - thanks for the IM on the other site. We have not engaged in much conversation but you have always been wonderfully nice to me.

    Well you're welcome, donkey - and I'm tickled to see you're doing so well!


  • talesin

    Thank you for asking. I'm coming along quite fine. Ups and downs, you know how it goes.

    You know, I have always thought you were very astute, and this is a good opportunity to tell you. Didn't you used to have the poor dead donkey as your avatar? I always felt so sad when I saw it. I like the new one.



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