Which Translation of the Bible would you say is most accurate?

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  • EvilForce

    The Book of Buddha

  • Serenity Now
    Serenity Now

    I have several versions but DH and I like the Revised Standard Version best. We have both a protestant version and a Catholic version. We also have a New American Study Bible with lots of footnotes that is very easy to read.

    A set I'd like to have is called the Nevarre (sp?) Bible. It's a commentary and has the text in Greek/Latin/Hebrew, whatever, on one side of the page and then translations in English and commentary on the meaning on the right hand side of the page. It's about a 16 volume set. It was recommended to me and I've seen it in bookstores but didn't have @ $175 to plop down at that time.

    DH and I tend to read things in RSV first and then compare that text to other translations, including the NIV and Oxford English Bible.

  • Narkissos

    My knowledge of English translations is very limited. I generally use the NRSV because I have it on my computer and I found it very good thus far. The French Bible de Jérusalem is one of the best recent translations available (perhaps only lacking of consistency sometimes), so I guess its English adaptation (Jerusalem Bible) must be OK.

  • Carmel

    I consider the "Book of Certitude" as the best exegetical rendering of both the Koran and Bible.

    But then I'm biased by my inclusivity..


  • The Leological One
    The Leological One
    ...Since many men will not do this, many are thus slaves to the Bible and slaves to what they believe. Men are also prone to badness and taking the 'easy, physically comfortable way out' and these very tendencies are the reason why so many are misled and cannot discern the truth from the lie in the Bible. Men like to be 'told' what to believe; they do not like to do the work themselves. Men do not like to search for answers and 'test' the things they are told, because their flesh doesn't want to. It finds it a cumbersome and grueling process and it rathers to be told the answer or use leverage and get other people to do the work for it. And in doing so, it has brought itself and others into error and confusion.

    I would agree the above applies to some people, but IMO not automatically the majority, i.e. many came out of the WT based on testing things; many of those same people seem to have started testing things as soon as they noticed there was a need for doing so or even a source of information that was trustworthy and that could be used to test what they were hearing for the years they were in -- at least from my perspective as a non-JW (married to a DF'd JW) that's read a lot of posts on this site.

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