What God has yoked together, let no man put asunder

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  • JustTickledPink

    In some religious marriage ceremonies, they recite the scripture,

    "Let the two become one flesh, what God has yoked together let no man put asunder"

    I was thinking of the Terry Shaivo case today and thinking if you take marriage vows seriously then your spouse always would have guardianship and rights to you considering you both are one flesh.

    How can you reconcile honoring those vows and trying to dissolve "what God has yoked together"

    And this is a pure question. I have no idea how to resolve this. Any viewpoints?

  • Badger

    How? If it there's a television camera around, that's how.

  • JAVA

    I might step on a few feelings, but here?s my opinion. The Terry Shaivo case was dragged into the media to a large extent through the efforts of the so-called Right to Life folks. Mind you, I favor right to life, but it?s not limited to before birth or after a person is brain dead. (Please read that again.)

    I think it?s a shame we don?t value life enough to support families, and education, and health care, instead of cutting nearly every program that supports the living.

    I think it?s a rotten shame that Mr. Shaivo couldn?t treat his spouse humanly, in the way that he could treat a brain dead pet. Mr. Shaivo would be arrested in Florida if he withheld food from a brain dead pet, but folks like the Right to Lifers will do anything they can to keep society from acting in a human way for people like Terry Shaivo.

    I believe Mr. Shaivo, and he alone, has the right to act on behalf of Terry. The poor woman was brain dead for 15 years, and the Right to Lifers played the media at her expense! If one is truly interested in the living, then they should get off their knees and start acting like Jesus and help the living.

  • JAVA
    How? If it there's a television camera around, that's how.


  • Golf

    In your context, the Creator enters the picture, now the question becomes, what's the Creator's view?


  • JAVA
    now the question becomes, what's the Creator's view?

    Interesting question Golf. I would like to think we would be encouraged to grow as information in health care and the sciences gives us more tools to help mankind. It changes a little each day, and what we knew about health care 2,000 years ago is very diffenent today. I'm sure the Creator is not stuck in time, and wouldn't want His creation to be stuck either. That's my theory; what do you think?

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I agree with you. The RTL'rs and others took this on their agenda as a way to promote their own cause, whether or not it had anything to do with end of life choices. Also, in my most humble opinion, it was totally out of order that the Congress voted this bill in. They have no right to take these decisions out of the sphere of family life. The less government, the better.

    All around the country, there are thousands of cases like this. Terri Schiavo was not the first, and she won't be the last. Because her parents fought so hard to save her, that was what what drew the media attention to this controversy in the first place. Even Senate Whip Tom DeLay let his Father die when he was in a freak accident and was in a coma, and he was the one that agreed with his siblings to let their Father die. However, his Father wasn't only on a feeding/hydration tube, but also respiratory. No parents want to see their kid die of painful starvation and dehydration. It must have sickeningly excrutiating for her family to see her go through this. Maybe she wasn't aware of it, but what if she was???

    To me, it was a butting of heads between the family and Mr. Schiavo that began this ridiculous merry go round. He had long ago found another woman to impregnate twice, and to me, had long ago given up his rights to decide what happened to his wife, Terri. However, that's not legal, so he still did have rights to decide her fate. What would it have hurt him to divorce her and let her parents take care of her until she passed away naturally? If they were willing to care for her, and absorb the costs, what was the problem? He said he was doing it because "Terri wanted it" ... but I dunno about that.

    My problem lies with the fact that we accord serial killers more rights than we did this poor hapless woman that only got in an accident. We give serial killers the "lethal injection" ... it's more humane and less painful. But this innocent woman, this beautiful innocent angel, is starved and dehydrated to death, when she did nothing wrong except by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We even give our cats and dogs more dignity and peace in dying than we gave this poor lady.


  • FlyingHighNow

    Hey, it says what God has yoked together. I doubt God yokes most people together. The fact that so many get divorces shows that man did the choosing and not God. The bible never said that god can't put marriages asunder. Especially marriages he never approved of in the first place. Maybe we are only truly married if God chooses who we marry anyway. I suppose that those blissful 60 year marriages attest to God's superior wisdom in choosing marriage mates.

  • mkr32208
    this poor hapless woman that only got in an accident.

    What accident? She suffered brain damage due to lack of Oxygen after she had a heart attack brought on by a chemical imbalance caused by an eating disorder... Long string of crap caused by not eating right is the bottom line!

    Also just because he had moved on with his life in some area's does not change the fact that he's still the husband! Do you think she would have wanted him to remain alone for 15 years??? I would certainly not wish that on my wife! I'm a big fan of more than one mate too! Who said that marriage is one man one woman why not two men one woman or ten men one woman or the reverse one man 10 women it's the moral majority that's who and my response to them? F*ck off!!!!!!!

  • JAVA
    I suppose that those blissful 60 year marriages attest to God's superior wisdom in choosing marriage mates.

    It could also suggest they were too disorganized to file the court paper work.

    I wish everyone a long and happy life (except for the WT leadership), and if that includes the person one is married to, great! But couples don't alway maintain the same interests or have the same goals. For whatever reason(s), some people just turn out to be total jerks or abusive. I think Fyling High makes a good point about God yoking or un-yoking people together. We can't blame or credit everything on God; sometimes the Good, Bad, and Ugly just happens.

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