would jehovah find himself disfellowshipped?

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  • sowhatnow

    so lets assume that the current jw use of disfellowshipping was used back in Jesus day,

    who of the bible characters would find themselves disfellowshipped?

    Jehovah? for commanding people to go to war, take slaves, and plunder. contrary to the commandments of not to kill.

    [do as I say not as I do ,lol]

    hmm, how about a sex craved  Solomon?  or rahab?  even jesus, he had a temper, tossing over those tables.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Jehovah spoke in His own "house" with an apostate on more than one occasion - Job 1:6; 2:1;

    and Jesus frequently spoke to the apostate Pharisees!! Too numerous to list. - John 3:1-21

    Isn't speaking with "apostates" a disfellowshipping offence? (according to the Magnificent 7)

  • sowhatnow
    wow thanks for those scriptural reminders!  will use those in the future for sure!
  • _Morpheus

    Well, playing along a bit here, i would have to say that df'ing the big guy isnt an option. The boss can do whatever he wants, by default, if he does it its ok for him to do it..

    However i think its noteworthy to look at biblical examples of humans  who would have merited df'ing (this has been before but what the heck i will start us off)....

    Aaron.  Built the golden calf. Should have been killed (df'd by todays standards) but wasnt. He even stayed as an appointed man. 

    King david.  For multiple things including adultry and murder to cover the adultry. He also kept his privledges of service.   

    I'll leave more for the rest of the audience 

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    I was simply highlighting the two greatest examples we should imitate!

    Closer to home, our Elders are allowed to talk to any apostates, in order to try and encourage them to "repent and come back to the meetings"!

    Sorry, I forgot that they are "gifts in men", and are not under the same rules as the 'obedient' riff-raff!

  • blondie

    I've always wondered if the terms "kill" and "murder" mean the same things in the bible?  Or if it is not being realistic that God is not still asking someone to kill "wicked" people, in the jw thinking, that heavenly Jesus, 144,000, and angels will do the future killing.

    I always felt that God was very arbitrary in his mercy, mercy for Aaron but leprosy for Miriam, mercy for David but not for any other murderer/adulterer in his time.

    I found and find if very confusing.  Especially when minor children would die because of their parents' sins. 

  • Magnum

    Jah should be DFed for violence and murder and disrespect for the sanctity of life. Example: the flood. Think of all the kittens and puppies and helpless baby (and adult) animals that died horrible deaths. Think of all the innocent human babies and children (and adults). That was mass murder.

    blondieI found and find if very confusing.  Especially when minor children would die because of their parents' sins.

    Very confusing to me, too. I never understood why all the animals were killed because of human issues. Consider the flood and the many cases of animals' being killed when Israelites conquered the cities of their enemies.

  • sowhatnow

    ah, God created all things, and it was all good.

    and then he decided that some of those things he created were 'unclean' lol


  • Crazyguy
    Jess publicly ridiculed the leaders of the Jewish religion the self professed channel of communication between God and men.  He should of been df'd for apostasy and brazen conduct.  As for Jehovah he is blood guilty just like the leaders of the religion of today with his name on it. 
  • sowhatnow
    oh God I HATE that word, BRAZEN, I have a huge issue with it it doesn't belong where they put it.  idiotic   cracker jack scholars

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