The last refuge of a cult

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  • galaxie

    Please delete..' no part of this world ' and insert..' we are joining in '. Please amend all previous reasoning ...failure to comply does not please jehovah as represented by your loving brothers the governing body (faithful and discreet slave).

    PS..the example set by our singing literature cart should be an inspiration to all.

  • Pistoff

    The WT is in full 1984 mode.

    They encourage all to access the 'library' by computer or phone; this means they won't read the really crazy articles from before 1970, or 2000, whatever is the cutoff.

    The expressed feeling among the rank and file is that the elders are more loving, the organization has changed to be a more loving place.

    At the same time they think this, they are slapped hard in the face by Anthony Morris, who told them if they go to 'a popular amusement park' before they go to Bethel, 'that is a problem', 'explain that to Jehovah', 'you call yourself a spiritual person?'.

    And if the sisters wear yoga pants out? 'You say you worship the true God?' (Honestly, wearing yoga pants out makes you not a spiritual person?)

    And the spectacle of one of the leaders of a modern religion saying that 'the more prestigious the university, the more dangerous it is.'

    The current governing body is the most radical in memory, but have couched their lurch to the right with Caleb and Sophia, cellphone apps and the little cart that sings.

    It is truly an Orwellian experience.

  • westiebilly11
    perhaps the one thing that most jws hate ( unofficially of course) is going out in the ministry and calling on people unsolicited,,youngsters surely find this uncomfortable and difficult..yes, there will always be the pioneer stereotype who revels in boasting of hours and placements etc etc but the majority of the young ones surely find it outdated and harkens back to the days when double glazing salesmen used to call and were told to get lost...the ministry will drive youngsters away....eventually...

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