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  • mgm

    In the bible reading programm, we read the story of David and Bathseba yesterday. Do you remember, how David let kill the husband of Bathseba?
    If you read it carefully, you'll see, how cruel and cold David arrange that...
    Now comes the most disturbing thing:
    As a punishment Jehovah made the baby of David and Bathseba sick and let it die after a few days.
    I saw in the face of some brothers, how they were thinking about this...(headshaking)
    Why does that little, unguilty creation has to die for the sin of a king, which knew exactly, what he has done?
    Is that the rightous from god?

  • waiting

    Hey mgm,

    How's the weather on the other side of the world? Hot here in S. Carolina, USA.

    Your point is a good one. I think we, as jw's and other religions, always come back to the same ground rule: God made us - He can set the rules the way he wants. And if we question this rule: God's ways are higher than our ways - who are we (the creation) to question the Creator?

    Wouldn't true justice have been to discipline the sinners for their sins without killing the innocent? Of course, David and Bathsheba suffered for their sin - it was their sin. But the child suffered and died for their sin also. His sin? Being their baby son.

    Which begs the question: Why would God set the rules to hurt innocents for other's sins?


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  • RedhorseWoman

    Yes, I remember this, and I remember how this bothered me even as I tried to rationalize it as a good JW. I can remember the talks and the articles stating how David suffered by losing his son and how terrible it was for him to be punished this way. The thought always came back, though.....what about the poor baby? He hadn't done anything, but he had to die. Seemed awfully unfair even then.

  • spectromize


    What if God told you that kid was going to be a serial killer because He could see it's make up, would you accept that?

    God is the lifegiver and at His will determines who lives! Nothing unrighteous in that since your Government does the same thing!

  • RedhorseWoman

    Spec, by God seeing what a child is to become and killing them early totally negates the concept of free will....which then would mean that none of us has a chance to change, our course is plotted from birth.

  • Zep
    What if God told you that kid was going to be a serial killer because He could see it's make up, would you accept that?

    Too bad he couldn't see his way to get rid of Hitler or Gacey or Bundy or Kemper or Milat or.......Maybe he decided to get rid of the little kid because he would have ended up a lot worse than his son Solomon who only ended up a womanising twat...I mean, how many wives did he have?, it numbered well into the hundreds!....I mean how wise must Solomon been?.To think, 2 wives would be more than ample for the average guy.Yeah but Solomon, he must have had one heck of a libidio, and how he ever got time to run the State is above me!.

  • Dubby

    Good topic, MGM.

    The old testament is full of this bloodshed and killing. Makes me want to toss the "good book".

    "Enjoy God's creation, ride a dirt bike!"

  • Kristen


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  • mgm

    Spec wrote:
    "What if God told you that kid was going to be a serial killer because He could see it's make up, would you accept that?"

    If our life path is known by god and set before birth already, wouldn't that be very unrighteous?
    Where is the free will then?

    BTW, that would be another topic for discusion:
    How righteous is the fact, that we are all born with different caracters and IQ's?
    Is it rigtheous that some are naturally interested in spiritualy things and some not at all?

  • mgm

    Kristen wrote:
    "A wise man would surely know that even two women living in the SAME house is not a good situation"

    I'm not agree with you, since you can not compare with the women nowaday. The women in ancient time were used to the fact, that they have to share the husband with others. It was also common for married men to visit prostituts (even tempelprostituts). You can imagine, that it was a big honor to become a wife or concubine to such a king like salomo. All they had to do was to please the king when he called them. For the other time they were kept separat from the king.

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