Good News - for animal lovers!

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    label licker

    So true, Searcher. My rotti, I got at the pound and is soooooo sweet. His previous owners brought home a pitbull which they found on a website advertising "free to a good home". The owners brought it home and left him and my guy alone for the evening in their backyard and took off to a party. The SPCA was called along with the police. My guy needed fifty stitches and the pitbull had to be put down while still in it's crate. It was vicious. Both males were not fixed and two and a half years old. The humane society was willing to give this dog back had the owners came up with $350.00 which they did not have. Now he's ours.

    I also took in a starving cat which I had found cuddled up to a raccoon who was hibernating in our barn. I started to feed her and had her in the house for one night and it was game over. Every night she wanted in so I cleaned her up and got her fixed. So lovable. I just don't understand how some can hurt animals, I really can't. Even the wild life will come to the house if they are not well or if it's too cold they are at my back door. 

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    I really appreciate hearing of people like yourself showing love and kindness to defenceless animals.

    They were here before us!

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