please don't try discourage me !

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  • Yvonne A
    Yvonne A

    Please read my reply at the end of just for Jehovah's witnesses and please don't take offense as I haven't with your opinions. Thank you

  • calamityjane

    Then why did you have to start another thread

    if your not looking for answers.


  • AlmostAtheist
    please don't try discourage me !

    I hope nothing you've read here has been discouraging. Everyone has to choose their own path.

    Just as we get burned by a particular contractor, and we warn our neighbors not to use him, we have been burned by the Watchtower and try to encourage anyone thinking about joining to consider it from all sides. Our experience is that the Watchtower will only tell people one side of the story -- their own. Moreover, they distort the other side, so that it looks so bad, many don't bother to check it out at all. (That's what happened to me.)

    No point in getting offended by your opinions, they're yours. You are entitled to them. I only hope that they are informed opinions.

    Take care, Yvonne, and no matter what you decide, you are always welcome here. Remember that, no matter what you choose to believe, you are always welcome here.


  • Valis
    Please don't take my lack of knowledge as cheek.

    how about now?

  • frenchbabyface
  • frankiespeakin

    Well we can try but to learn the "truth" about the WT is discouraging at first because of the programming the WT has done on your mind. In a short while depending on how truthful you can be with yourself it is seen as a big liberation and freedom.

  • seven006

    You have come to a place that tries it's best to discourage people from getting involved with a cult that we all once had very bad experiences with. Logic will tell you that you will be discouraged from joining the same cult if you read this board. Are you not a logical person?

    You base a lot on the incorrect pronunciation of a name by a cult that hides behind it. If that is what will wake you up in the morning and put a smile on your face then so be it. Truth is not always easy to deal with and sometimes not necessary for some to exist.

    Good luck in your life.


  • Brummie
    please don't try discourage me !

    awww bleeeess (((( hugz)))

    Lets make it "hug a lamb" day today, specially one thats going to be slaughtered by the Watchtower :(

  • undercover

    I'll repost what I said in the other thread:

    "I won't discourage you from becoming a JW. What I would encourage you to do however, is to examine any religion as closely as possible to make sure that it is the right religion. Examining it closely would include to see what both sides say about a matter. You're getting the JW side of the story, but have you bothered to get any other side?

    "The JWs teach that you should question your old religion when you study with them, but are you allowed to question and dissent later after becoming a JW? What if you saw something the JWs taught that didn't set will with you? Don't wait until after you are baptised to find out that dissention is not allowed. Question things now. You may like their answers and if you do, fine, join them and be happy. But if anything at all bothers you about what they believe research it now and get to the bottom of it before you commit to something that you can't get of. Because once you are in, you can't just walk away if you change your mind. If you don't believe that, research on disfellowshipping and disassociating. You may be surprised."

    Now...why would you start a new thread to tell people to not discourage you if wanted to be left alone? I think that you do have questions and are confused and doubting. You just haven't admitted it to yourself yet. Do yourself a favor, be honest with yourself, question everything you hear about this religion, including what we tell you, and decide for yourself if this religion is the one true one or not. Once you decide you will either leave this site, as it is apostate, or you will become one of us and want to discuss it more.

    Good luck on whatever you choose.

  • glitter

    Yvonne - I am glad you have stayed around. We are mostly a lovely bunch here, and much of what we talk about is nothing to do with JWs - lots of fluff! :) It's a nice place to be to talk about lots of things without having to be on several boards - so please stick around.

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