JW Took Out Morgage on his Home--To Build Kingdom Hall!

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  • Voyager

    With a name like (Hacker), who in blue blazes would want to do business with him anyway? The Watchtower is probably using him for a business front. Laundering money the Watchtower way!

  • Makena1

    ...translated into more practical vernacular; he took out a mortgage on his house which GAVE HIM A TAX DEDUCTION , and he invested the money into a tax deductable church building Now why didn't I think of that??? KH quickbuild several years ran into money shortage while waiting for check from the Society. I had about $80K in equity, and had offered to provide some "bridge funding" if needed. Was told by many elders and building committee "thank you, but we are sure that won't be necessary - Jah provides, yada yada" Many unexpected additional expenses, permit problems later - I got a call asking if I could still pull out the $80K. I did, and was paid back in full about 4 months later. I donated money, and did NOT charge them for the loan paperwork or the 4 months in interest. doh! However, I guess Jah did provide?

  • VM44

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