Los Angeles Times new article about bloodless surgery and the Witnesses :-(

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  • Aude_Sapere

    I think I'm adopting a 'Balanced' view of blood. What a concept!!

    Personal experience tells me that there are some doctors who are a bit too quick to give blood. I know of a few deaths that were directly linked to blood transfusion. I also, of course, know of several deaths that were directly linked to no blood. (All people I knew personally.)

    Immediate family members - including myself - seem to have gotten better and more attentive care with quicker healing time when taking a position 'no blood'.

    When planning for my own biopsy with a cardio-thoracic surgeon, I discussed treatment options and potential complications with the surgeon (actually 3 different surgeons). Because of my non-wavering refusal (at the time) he re-assessed me and found that he could probably accomplish the same quality biopsy by making a less-invasive incision in my neck and getting samples from near my collarbone rather than scope down around my heart and lungs and major vessels ("High-Priced Real Estate" were his words) making this a potentially messy surgery and extremely serious with my 'no blood' stand.

    The balanced view, in my opinion, is to be respectful of life. Find a surgeon who is willing to take a little extra care and concern for the entire being of their patient.

    I may very well accept a transfusion in the future, but will be very open with my doctors about my concerns regarding use of blood.

    -Aude (- of the "When did I become a 'Senior Member' club"??!!?)

  • Neo

    Nice post, Aude!

    I think I'm adopting a 'Balanced' view of blood.

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