wife given permission new union with lover without husband's permission

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  • Miss_MG

    I strongly urge you to go through the legal system as you will not get the run around the wittness will give you

  • freedom96

    My ex wife wanted to remarry, so she told them she had "scriptual grounds."

    They listened to her, and gave her permission to remarry in the hall. They never bothered to contact me. I called them, more to piss everyone off more than anything else, to let them know she did not have grounds.

    They responded that they knew that I was inactive, and at least she was making an effort to go to meetings etc. That being the case, what I had to say was completely irrelevent. Even if it were true.

    Bottom line, the elders will do whatever they want, whatever is easiest.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    freedom96. Thank you if I would have said it Megadude or some other person would have called me an insane liar. Nobody believes the JWs church is full of toothless bulldogs and paper tigers. That if you play the game nothing bad ever happens to you. I mean stone pedophiles learned the game and look what they have done. A divorce and kingdom hall wedding is like a few extra hours in feild service and a dinner for the PO. ALso if it looks like to big a stink theyll say "wait on jehovah" 80% of the time. So if she did not have a "scriptural" divorce God is suppossed to get off his cloud and give her aids pox or something. Yeah right. THey should have a decoder ring that turns phrases like "wait on Jehovah" to "and we should care why?".

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