Change in application to Luke 21:28?

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  • Gopher

    A few decades ago, the WT Society taught that the Great Tribulation started at the same time that the "last days" started (back in 1914) and would continue for the decades up until Armageddon. Then they moved the Great Tribulation to happen at the END of the last days.

    For the longest time, the WT Society taugh that the "judging" of the nations into sheep and goats was ongoing through the last days, then around 1994 they moved that back to the END of the last days.

    They also used to teach that Luke 21:28 about the nations being fearful but JW's lifting their heads erect was happening throughout the last days, but they've also moved that back to the END of the last days.

    Not much happens in the "last days" anymore. (I guess they realized that.) Maybe most JW's don't even believe it's the "last days" anymore.

  • AlanF

    Blondie and doinmypart are correct. The interpretation was changed at the summer district conventions of 1993, and confirmed in a February 1994 Watchtower that essentially duplicated the two talks from the conventions. I well remember those talks, having taped and transcribed them.


  • OICU8it2

    According to the 1/15/05 WT p. 19 paragraph 17 it is the same: "In fact, when the great tribulation strikes, they will joyfully 'raise themselves erect and lift their heads up, because they know their deliverance is near.'-Luke 21:28"

  • mkr32208

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