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  • kwintestal

    As a kid I remember hearing about other parts of the world where the preaching work is banned and it had to be done "underground". I always pictured people in suits and dresses going through tunnels in peoples basements and knocking on doors. I wished we could preach underground.


  • Will Power
    Will Power

    You ARE !! LOL

  • keeshah

    I think I heard from my mother that JW were banned in China. Someone that used to be in her cong. is there. She told me that they simply don't have meetings. She might have her facts wrong though.

  • AloneinOh

    LOL! I used to think the same thing!

  • Purza

    We used to know JWs that lived in Saudi -- where the work was banned. They met as a group, but secretly. They preached, but secretly. I always wondered how they could auxiliary pioneer. I guess if there is a will. . . there is a way.


  • kaykay_mp

    I thought the same thing about the Underground Railroad (re: slavery) when I was little. I'd always wonder back then that the abolitionists who ran it must be good at not getting caught, because it would be hard to hide the fact that there's a train running underground. I even said that it may have been the first subway.

    Kids say the darndest things.



  • z

    he he he

  • dh

    I always pictured them meeting in secret in someones house with boxes of literature and deciding how to distribute it.

  • JustTickledPink

    In some countries religion across the board is banned.

    I recently got to visit with a very active Baptist friend, and their church financially supports a Baptist missionary in north Africa/Egypt. He went to visit and they did the tourist thing, visited the pyramids etc. So, preaching Christianity is banned. So I asked him, "your church financially supports her, what does she do if she can't preach? Is there a day-care, an orphanage, a school? A free clinic?" He says, "no, she makes contacts with people, that is all"

    He explained that she's been over there 3 years now, living in an apt and she just gets to be friends, basically makes friends so everyone trusts her and socializes with the locals. She knows all the cab drivers, all the hotel owners/managers, and just by being over is gives a silent witness of how nice Christians are. She isn't trying to convert with words, just by her actions and presence. Their church organizes church groups to go and visit and they do all the tourist stuff and she is their guide.

    So, my rational self can't understand why a church supports her financially when she can't actively preach, there is no church, etc. It didn't make any sense to me at all. I wondered what is the point?

    So that also makes me wonder if the Witnesses in the banned countries are just leading normal lives without meetings, preaching etc... because they would be arrested if they actively preach Christianity.

  • under74

    oh man, brings back memories...good times.

    I always thought of the Soviet Union or...better yet, I remember hearing about the group "The White Rose" in Nazi Germany. From the story I was told they would throw leaflets in opposition to Hitler everywhere and ended up being killed by the nazis in the end....BUT I'd always, ALWAYS end up thinking of Anne Frank, hiding up in the attic and all that.

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