Supporting out troops...

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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I an american that supports our troops. I am making soap for the 56th battalion out of Texas. If u can, please send donations to help the soap attack...hehhhe. I need 60 bars of soap by Feb. 27. which I am fully ready to make. I just need the funds. If you would like to donate, please send me a PM and a pledge.

    I hope we get outta there soon.. but i MOST OF ALL hope that our troops smell good. Heh.


  • Bryan

    That's great Counrty Girl.

    We took on the "My Soldier" program.

    My Soldier is a program that puts politics aside and lets U.S. soldiers know that someone back home cares. Sgt. Juan Salas, who served for 14 months in Iraq, established the program with the help of his school, Manhattanville College

    We've sent our first care package and are awaiting a response or will send another one soon.

    Take care,


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • IronGland
    I am making soap for the 56th battalion out of Texas.

    There are companies that make soap in a variety of shapes and smells. It's not even expensive. Soapmakers of yesteryear would surely scoff when told the amount of soap one can buy in bulk from warehouses in modern times. They would no doubt assume the person telling them this was insane or else their reaction would be to point and cry aloud "Wiiiiiiiiiitch!!!" Silly ancient people.

    What I speak of is not sorcery, gentle reader. It is a product of chemistry and the industrial revolution. It has freed us from the drudgery of making everyday items by hand!

    Your post indicates a kind heart and I commend you for that. I for one am outraged that our government is using the sweat and toil of a woman to make the soap our taxes pay for. Shame.

  • Simon

    The government doesn't supply soap

    I thought it was just decent body armour and vehicles that it went cheap on ...

  • willyloman
    Supporting out troops...

    Nice Freudian slip...

  • Satanus

    The dollar store sells it for a dollar or something (maybe less). That would be like 60 bucks or something like that. But, i guess it's not the same for some soldiers over there, knowing that some woman did a labor of love and support for him. I'm sure they need moral support.


  • jeanniebeanz
    The government doesn't supply soap

    please, please tell me you are kidding...


  • Tigerman

    If you are upwind, how can you sneek up on the enemy if you smell like Irish Spring ?

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