Pep Rallies

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  • czarofmischief

    Oh my god! A sudden wave of recollection swept over me as I watched Home Movies today - Remeber Pep Rallies? The gatherings to encourage school spirit for sporting events, etc?

    And how they were somehow evil? Remember? How the "spirit of competition" was a bad thing? How the "nationalistic" overtones were improper for Christians? And while attendance might be mandatory, JW's would sit quietly while their classmates would get all worked up around them?

    I did that! I followed the instructions to the letter!

    God, I'm embarassed for myself, looking back on that stupidity. How arrogant of me!

    CZAR of the "Burning with Shame Man" klass

  • ohiocowboy

    Yep, I remember all too well the embarrassment of not being able to be involved with such things. I felt like I was doing the right thing by not being involved, but still I felt very awkward, and the criticism and crap that I got from my fellow classmates was almost too much to bare. I still feel sorry for kids in school that have to suffer over what some man-made publishing empire requires them to do.

  • darkuncle29

    I just hated pep rallies and assemblies anyway. At my school, lots of people didn't care about the rallies, and would try and sneak home--these fools would get caught by patrolling teachers and escorted personally to the assembly--snicker. I had an elevator and storage access key, so me and my non JW friends who were trying to skip out, just went to the upper library storage area and played cards and hung out. Then, when it was all over, we went home. This was just because we felt that mobs were stupid.

    As for the JWs thinking that they were evil, well that is stupid of them, but so typical of fundy cults.

    I'll admit that I am somewhat "anti-social".

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I was ambivalent about the pep rallies. I was being constantly nagged to build up "spirit" from the jw side, so I needed some respite, not more of the same.

    The cool thing was that there were a few other students that couldn't stand them either, so we'd be meet up outside and alternately talk about all sorts of stuff and diss some of the plays/players from time to time. As long as we didn't leave the field, the teachers could care less if we were cheering on or not.

  • rebel8

    Yes, I do remember that. It was one of the dumbest JW rules ever. They were held during normal school hours, so I just didn't mention to my mom that there was one coming up, and attended anyway. I actually thought they were rather positive experiences--I mean, kids can come up with much worse ways to enjoy themselves. What's the harm in a bunch of cheering and school spirit?

  • blondie
    I just hated pep rallies and assemblies anyway.

    Ditto for me. Several of my fellow students envied my getting excused.

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