Conscientious objection was it a factor in attracting you to the JWs

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  • barry

    Well it was with my first wife athough she never joined or was baptised she allways had a soft spot for the witnesses and their stand on war.

    I pointed out to her other denominations dont beleive in war who does. In my own church many take a non combatancy or a concientious objector stand. Some go in as full combat though, but it is a concience issue. At present in the US military an SDA took a stand and is now in the brig.

  • unclebruce

    G'day Barry,

    Being raised a JW, I wasn't really attracted to the truth as much as it was attracted to me. However, it did feel good to stand for something. During the Vietnam war we had a few Brothers cracking rocks in Adelaides Yatla jail.

    Old Arthur Thorn "bought my family into the truth". He was an interesting englishman. Graduated from Oxford in the 20's and spent time in Yatla as a JW during WW11. Arthur drilled it into mer that although we were consientious objectors to war we weren't pascifists - we had a right to defend ourselves when personally attacked.

    I worked in the building trade and being able to fight came in handy.. especially in some of the rough pubs we drank in .. geez those were wild days

    ju jitzo unc.

  • FairMind

    Not at all! I was a pretty war-like young man but now as an older person detest the senseless slaughter of people on both sides.


  • upside/down

    It was actually a MAJOR factor for me.

    And if just so happened the bro who studied with me was a decorated Vietnam vet Marine Corp. medic. I honestly thought "God" had finally noticed me and truly answered my prayers.

    Satan keeps transforming himself into an angel of light... Satan keep transforming........

    Didn't even see it coming!


  • buffalosrfree

    Seems this young marine is getting the shaft, which in my opinion is rampant in the Military. the term Military Justice should actually read Military Injustice. I spent 20 plus years in and seen a lot of it in my time.

    I have had additional duties of a PIO a preliminary Investigative Officer, and found that often someone in trouble for violating "orders" was being railroaded. I didn't become popular with many in the chain of command especially when they were jumping with joy over the fact that someone had screwed up. My investigations were thorough and I always went the extra mile to ensure that my recommendations were accurate.

    An article 32 investigation and recommendation should have breen followed but someone up in the chain of command has decided to have this Young Marine serve as an example, not because he was guilty, but to serve as an example to other young marines who may suddenly get religion. This in my estimation and opinion is another exame of Military Injustice.

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