Why did you "choose" to become a Witness?

by JH 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • rekless

    It seemed so reasonable at first. The earth made for man. Paridise hope. The whole cult prescription. Friends, love, association, study, The Bible, hope, My son had leaukimia and it gave us hope of life and seeing him in the resurrection. Brainwashing. There is something for everyone who is looking for a dream world.

  • paws

    Very young, new mum, ex-sunday school, church goer, straying husband........witness that called was a mother earth type, compassionate etc. The idea of being part of a world-wide brotherhood of people that all loved the Creator seemed like Paradise to say nothing of the emotiveness of being such an awful mother if I risked my daughter's life at an Armageddon!

    Clearly, I was vulnerable, in need and naive.

    As a newbie I'd like to thank everyone for being here.


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