Was that really necessary?

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  • Moridin

    My parents were cool enough not to make a big issue out of public prayer, but those outings in public with lots of witnesses were embarassing as hell. I especially hated going to stadium games and having to sit down during the National Anthem and listen to everyone around us tell us how disrespectful we were. I never understood why we had to sit for a song, but had to stand silently for a flag. Didn't make sense.

  • DocHayes

    During the Memorial why must EVERYBODY, get to hold the emblems. I'm not talking about the audience, but the attendents and the speaker. Didn't they already get to hold it when they passed it around? And whats the deal with holding it anyway? Were we not to "Observe" the emblems?

  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    I can picture it all!!

    these are too cute (too bad they don't come with sound)

  • jeanniebeanz
    and my brother starts cracking up, then i start and soon we're both snickering, and we got chewed out for that one later.

    Oh does this bring back memories. My little brother and I used to crack up just looking at each other during a meeting, family study, assembly etc., etc.

    Actually having something funny to laugh about made it unbearable not to crack up. Especially at one district convention. A very elderly (and I am not making fun of the elderly here) brother from brooklyn gave one of the prayers, and about 4 minutes into it, stopped in his tracks. Suddenly we heard snoring sounds in the microphone, and a couple ushers came up and guided him off the platform.

    Everyone clapped and pretended that he had finished and about 10,000 people had just not heard him say 'amen'.

    Little brother and I laughed all the way home, a three hour drive. Whenever the parents growled at us to menacingly we'd quit. Wasn't long though before either he or I would make a snoring sound and both start laughing again. Even Dad had to laugh at that one.


  • Carmel

    Just another ritual of a by gone era. time will take care of it too!


  • unclebruce

    Dear Jehovah, please forgive turn old testament on eligah and brummie ..... for the serious doubts they express about your earthly orangatan .. in the name of our the messiah jesus christ amennnn

    you're it eli!

    unc runs behind a beige buick

  • mama

    I remember a talk i had when i was 16 with another girl in the hall 16. The talk included a scripture about Absolums ass. While, you can picture it, we got to the word ass and started giggling, then pissing ourselves laughing. Couldn't finish the talk, my mom was sitting there horrified, needless to say we got ragged out big time but its one of my fondest witness memories, always makes me laugh.

  • freedom96

    It annoyed me any time someone had to make a showy display, such as a big prayer at a public place.

  • wednesday

    mama that was very funny. I too remember the ministry school and the funny stuff that would happen. Remember when they put skirts on the tables? Apparently we were wearing our skirts too short.

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