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  • mamas

    i was recently disfellowshipped for being in a same sex relationship with a female. i understand that it is against bible standards but i do not agree with disfellowshipping in that EVERYONE including my family has nothing to do with me. i am 18 years old. i miss my family very much. but i do not want to go back to a religion that has nothing to do with me. i want my family back sooooo bad. i love my lady too. i just dont think its right for my family to have nothing at all to do with me....other than a phone call every blue moon that they love and miss me. please email me regarding this to [email protected] i am desperate for inputs on this matter. thank you

  • mamas

    please post comments on this page. thank you. this is the first time i am speaking about this. i have not been taking all of this too easy. it has been a rollercoaster for me.

  • xjw_b12

    Hello mamas and welcome to JWD. Yes the shunning is terrible, and not a sign of the love they profess to have.

    There are also exjw sites for gays out there, if you're interested. Click on link below


  • mamas

    thank u for responding! yes i would be interested if you would be able to pass me those sites. i am new to all this. i am just trying to get my thoughts clear and get out there and speak to others. thank you for being the first to talk to me.

  • KKLUV155

    Hi and welcome. Here is where you will find support. Hope all gets better for you.

    edited to add please be patient for replys alot of people work and will reply throughout the day. You will not be shunned here.

  • mamas

    thank you i appreciate it

  • AlmostAtheist

    Welcome Mamas,

    Sorry you're having so much upheaval in your life. I was DF'd at one time while I believed that the Watchtower had the "truth". It was devastating to me to be shunned by the people I considered my brothers and sisters, and to know that I was living outside of Jehovah's arrangement. I was very tortured in myself, and though I believed at the time that the punishment was within Jehovah's arrangement, I just couldn't reconcile it with Jesus' illustration about the prodigal son. It seemed that there should be more room for movement than simply a "our way or the highway" sort of mentality.

    Please stick around and read the experiences of others that have been in similar situations. There are some members of same-sex couples on this board, hopefully you'll get some responses from them. If not, perhaps you could start a new thread specifically asking for advice from them.

    The Watchtower has no monopoly on Christianity, and Christianity has no monopoly on worship of God. Keep your mind open to all possibilities.

    I wish you well. I can assure you that you will not be shunned here, no matter what your beliefs may be.

    Glad to have you aboard!


  • mamas

    thank you dave! hope to speak to others soon

  • unique1


    I think you will find that no one here agrees with the disfellowshipping arrangement. There is no logical reason for your family to shun you, but their religion isn't logical and they are dedicated to it so they shun you anyways. I hope you can find a way to deal with it all. Maybe a family member or two will come around because they miss you so much. It has happened to several on this board and to a close friend of mine. Good Luck.

  • kaykay_mp

    Welcome to the board:

    I'm very sure that your family loves you very much. But the fact of the matter is that as long as they are in that religion, they will always choose it over you. That is exactly what a cult is, choosing the needs of the organization over the needs of your loved ones. I hope someday they'll see all that.



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