My Wife Caught Me

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  • Swan
    My wife ALMOST caught me surfing this site. I managed to close down before she saw the screen and kind of hinted around that I was looking at porn and was embarrased.....

    LOL @ Poztate!

    Admitting you were looking at porn to avoid admitting to being here. Now that's a switch!


  • stillajwexelder

    Yes I was caught last week - I said I was keeping testing that I was in the faith as commanded by the scriptures which actually shut her up for a while

  • Odrade

    I was the "catcher." LOL. Actually, my husband sheepishly showed me the site one night shortly after I read CoC. I signed up immediately, (being a DB junkie already- HA!) He signed up a day or two after me. :)

  • Satanus


    Were you a jw when you caught him here?


  • Odrade

    Yes, and no. We had "faded" before we knew what the term meant. We were actually just "taking a break" with the full intention of going back. But my husband started researching the WTS due to some information he found on the site

    Then he moved on to Hassan's book "Combatting Cult Mind Control." All of this time I thought he was researching the purchase of his new car. LOL! So I had no idea what was really going on. We hadn't been to a meeting in six months by then (not counting Memorial,) but I still believed all the JW doctrine, and intended to get reactivated soon. One night I realized he was sneaking around reading a book, so I demanded to know what he was doing. I thought he was reading the Kama Sutra again, and I was getting kind of tired of trying weird stuff.

    Anyways, he hands me Hassan's book, then goes back to sneaking around. I was still pretty programmed, so everytime I tried to read the Hassan book I would literally fall asleep. Anyone who knows me knows I am a voracious reader, and NEVER fall asleep on a book, but I just couldn't get into this one. This all was happening in the week preceding the District Convention. I KNEW he was sneaking around reading something else, so Wed night before convention, I demanded to know what it was. He handed me CoC. I started reading it immediately. I'll read anything.

    Well, by the next day I knew going to the Convention was going to be the hardest thing I'd ever done. I was MAD. I did NOT want to have anything to do with the JWs ever again, although I still would have thrown a fit if anyone had tried to label me an apostate. We managed to sit through two hours of one session only. When we got back home from the convention, I asked my hubby, "so... what website have you really been looking at? I know it can't possibly be cars... especially if it has you reading books..."

    He showed me, then JWD. Then I shocked him by signing on immediately and going into chat! LOL!

    So I didn't really "catch" him, it's just been kind of a joke around here that I caught my husband looking at "apostate material on the internet!"


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