January has not been a good start this year....

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  • Country_Woman

    If to put my dog (Leska) to sleep at the 4th was'nt enough, now my 2 other dogs are going to give me trouble.

    I agree, it was my fault too: I should have closed my door with a key, but who would expect those monsters to escape ? They were in my living (with the door closed) while I was moving boxes with old paper into my car to get rid of. I was walking from the door to the car with those boxes, when suddenly one of the dogs managed to open the door and they just run off.

    Viv and I did spend the next 1,5 hour searching them and we were on the edge of giving up, when Viv heared them. She found them trying to put a rabbit in two pieces: a horrible sight, they took the rabbit out of his hutch in the backyard of one of the neighbours at some 100 meters distance. We ringed the doorbel, told the lady what happened (she had'nt noticed) and gave our name, address and telephone number.

    Since there was a lot of blood on there paws I've cleaned them with the gardenhose (very cold water which they did'nt like at all) Give Viv a cold shower by accident as well (which she very calm told me: Mam you have to put the hose in another direction , this way I get the water) After they were cleaned and in the house again, Misty & Daisy refuged to go in the backyard again. (the cold water was to traumatic, I hope they made the link escaping, rabbits, pheasants and the gardenhose)

    The next morning I was called: they not only killed the rabbit, but they forced their way into an aviary with 4 pheasants (special ones) and they killed all the birds as well. Now I have to deal with the insurance.....

    In fact, I think that ain't the worsed: Since they eat the pheasants, they now know the taste of prey and they are able to get them out of their shelters. So next time, I am afraid that they go directly to the same house. This family do have goats, chickens, rabbits and lambs and they aren't sheltered very well....(no fences)

    My dogs did escape several times but never caught caged animals.

    At the moment I am not in the mood to like them very much.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Man, CG! I do not envy you this kind of begining for a new year!

    That being said, I'd build some kind of real secure place for them because if they get out again, the county may take them away or fine you heavily (depending on what the laws are like where you live). I used to have big beautiful European Doberman Pinschers, they were wonderful family dogs and the kids and I loved them very much. Our champion got out one day, and was in the front yard. A teenager was walking home from school and he barked at her and scared her. I saw the whole thing, and Bart did not come anywhere near her. Her parents called animal control, and we fought for months with them over this. It was a nightmare.

    Sure hope your puppies can stay inside with you for a while until this all blows over.


  • orangefatcat

    Branda I so sorry you had to put Leska asleep. That is always so heart wrenching. And now the other two are being bad. Yes not a good way to start the new year. I hope things will look brighter for you in a couple of days. Have a nice hot bubble bath and glass of nice wine and relax and take that stress away.
    I will be thinking of you.

    Love Orangefatcat..

  • Country_Woman

    Thanks OFC in fact I did precisely that: took a warm bath (without the bubbles) had a glass of delicious red wine ( and some snacks with it) and today the world does look much better.

    Could have been a lot worse too: went out for a walk this morning (with the dogs) and after an hour outside - walking very carefully cos it had been freezing - nearly back home, there was an extremely slippery spot on the road which let me fall down. (at that spot there are traffic marks on the road)

    Twisted my foot and I no doubt will have some blue on my bottom, but I did'nt broke anything and could walk home (very carefully)

    It is a lovely day today - the sun is shining - and the man from the pheasants and the rabbit just came here to give me a letter for the insurance company AND he did tell me that he already was able to replace his pheasants for a very small amount.. So it's still a bright day.

    edited to tell jeanniebeanz that the other 2 are grown ups: 7 and 4 years old and yes, I keep them in.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Sure wish you well with your doggies. I miss mine a lot since coming to an area where we cannot have dog's. I'm sure they bring you a lot of joy in spite of the misadventures!


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