The $20 Bill

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  • Amazing1914

    Hey Badger,

    Badger, of the "Clinton on the $50" class.

    Well ... Billy-bob Bubba Clinton was given around $350,000 by a tribe in Nebraska to support his second term. All they wanted was support for a casino, which they badly needed. Clinton turned his back on them, and never did a thing. Spending that kind of money really hurt their tribe. Plus the State of Nebraska would not allow the casino. So, let's put someone else on the $50.

  • Special K
    Special K

    Here's what my Canadian money looks like.(both sides) We don't have the birds on there anymore. I really like those ones.

    $100 Dollars, Robert Borden Canadian Prime Minister 1911-1920Exploration & Innovation
    $50 Dollars, William Lyon MacKenzie King, PM 1921-1948Famous Five (legal case where women became "persons")
    $20 Dollars, Queen ElizabethSpirit of Haida Gwaii Carving, located at Vancouver Airport
    $10, John A MacDonald, Canada's first Prime MinisterCanadian Veterans & Peace Keeping
    $5 Dollars, Wilfred Laurier, Prime Minister 1896-1911Winter Sports
  • Special K
    Special K

    I haven't figured out why when they printed our Canadian money that the prime ministers are all pictured with the top of their heads sort of, well, ... missing. I wonder if there is a hidden message to that. LOL

    Here is our $2.00 and $1.00 coins with the polar bear and the loon.

    2 Dollar Coin or "Twonie"1 dollar Coin or Loonie

    Special K

  • Satanus

    Yah, that's right, all our bills have little red x's on em. That way, they can be whatever we want em to be We just write on w a pen.


  • Special K
    Special K

    I take it then that my posting is the boxes with the little red x's in them. LOL

    Satanus, that would be so cool if we could just write on them the value...ROFL

    Special K ..

  • Satanus

    Well, it could be just my computer, i suppose


  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen

    How about Standing Bear, who's court case established the fact that the 'Indian' was a citizen of the US under US law?

    The real political spectrum isn't left to right, it's top to bottom. ~Sally Herrin

  • chappy
    If this shit doesn't stop, I'm moving to Canada, they put birds on their money.

    You'll be paying through the nose for the past in Canada Dave. The MicMac (spelling?) tribe and, I suppose most of the other tribes, pay 0% income tax in Canada where the average personal income tax is approaching 50%.

  • bisous

    Its all well and good for those of us who haven't been personally affected by the sins of our founding fathers to roll our eyes and say enough already ... I'm tired and fed up with it all ... quit'cher whining and whatever....

    But if you happen to be someone who's family history and opportunities have been diminished by those same past bad acts, perhaps you'd feel differently.

    Government and society does bear responsibility for abuse of the constitution ... not just for those who happily benefit from it.

    my two cents worth ... and even the lowly penny carries the image of a man with skeletons in his closet.

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