is smoking the worst sin?

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  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    a group of young brothers in the faith go out. they go to a bar and all get drunk. they dance and make out with "worldly" girls all nite. they would have gone home with them had the chance arisen. but they count their losses and drive home.... still drunk. they go to mcdonalds drive thru and park in the parking lot to eat it. when done one of the young brothers lights a cigarette. the rest of them are shocked and angered. they scold him like a father scolding a truly disobedient child. the smoking brother butts out and gets the silent treatment the whole way home....

    this is not a true story but has much truth embedded. has anyone else noticed that smoking is one of the worst sins u can do as a witness?


  • Sunspot

    Think of it this way;

    If a hot looking sister was standing on a busy street corner after midnight, smoking a cigarette and waving at men in cars, would she have been reported to the WTS police if she didn't have the cigarette? (grin)



  • mouthy

    Well it doesnt stop you from going to heaven--- Just smells like you have been to hell

  • dh

    Yep, I've seen JW's get blind drunk and make a real scene of themselves, as well as make out at parties, but smoking would always be looked down on, unless in a specific circle or with your close friends, for example I first smoked weed when I was in highschool, there was another another JW kid present too who also tried it, he would smoke cigarettes too. So though it is looked down on, kids will experiment. For me trying weed with a friend was better (not as bad) as making a scene getting drunk in front of everyone like so many of the other JW kids did on a regular basis, and I knew it was not harming me long term as it was such a small deal, so my conscience was always clear.

  • under74

    my grandma was never a trouble maker but when she had difficulty stopping. That was it, they Df'd her...there were plenty of people in the KH with problems a lot worse (including a convicted child molestor) but they had to go after an old lady with a tabacco problem.

  • LoverOfTruth

    I feel sorry for people who are addicted to Cigarettes. The additction is very overpowering for most.

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