Upcoming: Discovery Health Show about a JW blood situation

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  • Elsewhere

    I don' accept antibiotics, because of the bad experience I've had. I started with a little and ended up with heavy doses until I said enough.

    My daugther got eczema vaccinatum meaning bloody rashes all over the body because of the hepathitis B vaccine.

    My sister in law died at 23 because she was burnt in an accident and got a heavy sceptical infection right after a blood transfusion.

    My mother is deaf because of antibiotics.

    If you have arthritis, hepatitis C, MS, mD, ECZEMA, Psoriasis and many other conditions, the doctors will tell you plainly they don' know anything that would help you.

    Do you guys really thing that doctors are trust worthy.

    Lets change that around just a bit....

    Do you guys really think that Jehover is trust worthy for protecting his loyal servants?.

    Looks like your service to Jehover has earned you nothing but misery.

  • Elsewhere

    Oh, and I did see the Discovery Health program... it had aired the other day.

    If you are wondering... the JW woman dies at the end after refusing much needed medical treatment.

  • GetBusyLiving

    :More people die by accepting blood thatn by refucing it,that is a fact.

    This is some funny shit. That sort of twisted 'logic' is pulled straight from a Watchtower. With facts like this, who needs bullshit?

  • steve2
    More people die by accepting blood thatn by refucing it,that is a fact.

    Where is the reference for this assertion? Sounds like more propaganda to me Hospitals use transfusions on a daily basis and I am aware of no statistics that support the assertion that more people die by accepting transfusions. Certainly, if the assertion were true, not only would the supportive statistics be at your fingertips, but there would be a public outcry.

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