Okay.. who did this?

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  • Pole

    Those Czechs...

  • HappyDad


    When one is an alchoholic..........anything will do if you can't get the real stuff. I've met men who actually drank aftershave lotion ....Aqua Velva being the smell drink of choice. Heard of this when I was in the army back in the '60's too! Who knows what it does to the stomach, but alchohol in general does more physical harm than any other drug can do. I've also met men who drank Sterno (the canned heat used now for fondue).

    A lot of guys in combat zones didn't have the luxury of real booze when they got back to camp, so they drank their aftershave and smoked hash. Hash was plentiful in Vietnam.

    Sure am glad I learned a lot from AA.(went there while I was an elder)


  • Special K
    Special K

    I man I met one time told me he would drink anti-freeze. But you really, really need to know how to mix it with whatever he mixed it with..so you didn't kill yourself.

    Sad, sad .. addiction.

    Special K

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