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  • jaredg

    Incubus is one of my favorite should check them out

  • sistaintheback

    Midget-Sasquatch, I read over that site you advised. That picture was creepy. But I'm beginning to consider other explanations besides the Incubus.

    It certainly makes me feel better knowing that it has happened to several people. I would feel alot better if I didn't have the demon theory in my mind. I guess after hearing your responses, it could be sleep paralysis. I may consult with a physician. Has anyone ever been treated by a physician for this problem? Was medication involved?

  • bebu

    It could easily be sleep paralysis. I've had that, too (only once, thankfully!!). And that's a lot, lot more common than an "incubus". There was a definite qualitative difference to me between the two. So you alone know what you experienced.


  • Elsewhere

    I'm with Big Tex on this one... Tell your Dr. that you think you have sleep paralysis and see if there is anything that can be done.

    Trust me... you don't have any demons.

    That Elder you talked to sounds like he has the education of a Witch Doctor.

  • 144001


    I agree with the others here that there is nothing supernatural about your experience. While I'm not a medical professional, it appears that your "incubus" is dream-related. With all due respect to your faith, I had nightmares for years as a child and young adult, many of which involved images I saw in the publications of the Watchtower Society, including those showing innocent people and animals being destroyed by the flood, the beast of revelation, etc.. These images were inappropriate for young children to view, yet the Watchtower chose to put them in books that were designed for children. I'm an old man now, but every now and then I still see some of those images that the Watchtower so lovingly exposed me to.

  • jeanniebeanz

    u/c et al

    It hasn't happened since I left the JWs.

    ditto here....

    I figure that it is because they flood you with so much fear of demons that you suffer in silence rather than get the medical attention that you really need.


  • Stefanie
    Incubus is one of my favorite should check them out

    THats what I was thinking when i opened the thread.

    sista, I was having the same problems and they stopped when I when I stopped a couple of bad habbits.

  • wednesday

    The treatment may involve stress reduction and possibly a test for sleep apena. Some people have this everytime they are under a lot of stress, and at other times it never bothers them. If u are really stressed, maybe your doc can assist u to find a antidepressant that will help. Elevail is and old med but excellent for sleep and is not a narcotic or a habvit forming drug.

    good luck, weds

  • Leolaia

    I had sleep paralysis off and on for a few years, I would basically be frozen in my bed for a few minutes before getting up...once I managed to get up but my legs were so paralyzed I basically fell right onto the floor.

  • Forscher

    With all due respect to our friends who look to a material explanation for everything, there are such things as inncubus and succubus. Before my time in the borg, I was involved in what many call the occult and most of my family stayed invovled. So I can speak to the subject.

    The good news is that an inncubus is much more than simple night paralysis, which can have a medical cause. To understand the inncubus, one must recall the Biblical story found at Gen. 6:1. The reason that many of the Angels foresook their position in the first place was to have sex with humans. Let's face it, you gals out there are supremely pretty and desirable! Since the flood, these Angels have apparently been denied the ability to take material form. And they are still very horny! So an inncubus is a fallen angel who is still obsessed with sex.

    They seek their outlet through various means. Sex through bodies posessed, as in various cult mediums having orgies during trances. Or through molesting people directly in the case of the inncubus/succubus. Apparently in those cases the power is the important thing much as in the case of rape. So an Inncubus will do more than paralyze a person. The person may feel as if they are actually having sex, they'll feel the fondling etc... They may be physically harmed, as in being bitten or scratched.

    If your attacks aren't like this, then the simpler explanation of night paralysis/terrors may be the direction to look and the advise of a medical professional sought. Remember Occam's Razor, unless there is good reason to conclude otherwise, first go with the simplest explanation. It will more likely be the one!

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