Remember the Rooming Work

by orangefatcat 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • FairMind

    I remember the rooming work. In the summer of 1972, two pioneer sisters from out of state stayed with my family during the International Convention. This was my first exposure to the realities of JW selfishness. I was a new JW of only a few months and I guess I expected these women would exemplify what I expected from Christians. Instead they were rude, demanding and not very thankful for our having put ourselves out for them. At the time, it broke my heart but it was the beginning of many more wakeup calls to come.


  • eyeslice

    Pioneers were allowed to count time in rooming as part of their hours even though rooming work was about finding rooms for people rather than the good news.


  • Mulan

    we all counted the time, not just pioneers..................We only did rooming work for several weeks, until they told us they had enough rooms. We were instructed to only do rooming but we could keep up our Bible studies.

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