Is There A Plumber In The House?

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  • Englishman

    The time has come to fit a new bathroom!

    Our present bathroom is awful. Squalid, dank, mildewy, just awful. So, I'm gonna build a new one this year.

    Hmm...but. The idea of doing without a bathroom while I rip out the old one, fit in a new one, tile the walls and gawd knows what else, fills me with alarm. How will we bathe and shower whilst the work goes on, because I'm doing it meself and won't be doing it very quickly 'cos i will also be working full time?


    I know, I shall put our new bathroom in the spare small bedroom! That way it won't interfere with our normal bathing /showering routine at all. Once I've completed the new bathroom and it's in use, I can move the stuff out of the old bathroom and then simply use it for storage. Brilliant!

    But hold on a mo......our new bathroom will be at the front of the house but the 4 inch soil pipe is at the back..I can't run a 30 feet long 4 inch pipe under the floor boards because the timber joists all run the wrong way. Bugger!

    But then again someone mentioned to me that a Saniflo system only requires a 1 inch pipe to take all the waste from the loo. It has an electric macerator that will push the waste for 60 yards if needs be. It will certainly be less expensive than the £1000 + it would cost to get a 4" pipe down the front of the house and connected to the mains sewer buried in the middle of the road. Yup! That's the answer!

    What I would like to know, though, is if anyone here has any experience with the operation of these Saniflo things. Are they any good?

    Any other advise will be gratefully received.

    Any comments about a 4 inch pipe not being any good for someone with a 5 inch asshole anyway, will be ignored.

    Thank you.


  • Joyzabel
    Any comments about a 4 inch pipe not being any good for someone with a 5 inch asshole anyway, will be ignored.

    lol, love those sphincters!

  • BrendaCloutier

    E-Man (luv ya dear)

    1) rent an apartment - probably a month during the worst of the remodel

    2) live in a friends basement or spare room during the worst

    3) rent or borrow a travel trailer that is self contained and park it in your driveway if there is room (you can hook it up to water, and maybe even sewer cleanout)

    This last summer we remodeled 60% of our condo (liv-din-kit-stairwell-halls-3 closets-bedroom-laundryroom). There is no way we could live in it while remodeling that much, so we rented a unit 3 doors up. (Our neighbors whom we rented from miss us being next door) It cost us an extra $3,150 US, but we built it into the budget, and it was worth every penny!

    (Total spent $27,000, total saved by our own labor on most +/- $23,000)

    We had everything line up, moved out the week before Memorial Day (end of May) ripped out the liv/din/kit over mem day weekend including 3 walls down to studs. Carpet was laid the week before Labor Day (1st weekend in September) and we moved back in that weekend. We're still not done with some trim, and I have a couple doors to paint, but outside weather has been nonconducive to finishing. So we'll do so late spring.

    I love the place - it's beautiful, and the kitchen is now so very functional!

    When we remodeled our bathrooms 3 years ago (always had at least one working) we really did our best to keep the dust and mess down. There was dust on EVERYTING! no matter how anal we were.

    Good luck. It's both fun and a pain in the arse! But the results are so rewarding. I'm ready to redo the bathrooms again!

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    You're a VERY brave man to attempt such work (I don't envy you).
    See if the link below can help:
  • Mutz

    I have installed a macerator and they work ok.
    The only thing to bear in mind is that they can go wrong and when they do you are looless until you can get it fixed.
    They can be a bit noisy too, or at least the one I installed was, so not perfect for late night maneuvers. :)

  • Simon

    Pray you never get a burst pipe !!

  • BrendaCloutier

    Simon, I think he already had one of those and they fixed it in the hospital.

  • Englishman
    3) rent or borrow a travel trailer that is self contained and park it in your driveway if there is room

    Hey! This is England! The place is so cramped that we even have street parties!

    Just look at my last BBQ!


  • unclebruce

    Wow things have really progressed since the war.

    anyway about that plumbing .

    americans have a nice little stainless steel dunny that nukes the stuff, in australia we have dubs that use only 3 cups of water, the arabs have ones that wash your bum then wipe it dry with lithuanian duck down, but I can quote on the british spud gun modle if ya want.

    uncle-plumber/carpenter-bruce who includes first class return airfares on all international quotes

    ps: I'm off air - my 'puter crashed last night - virus attacked when I was searching for Nick Cave Lyrics for the song thread - be careful folks - my brand new computers buggered! .. teach me for not us'n protection .. posting from the library sux

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