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  • Peppermint

    How often do you get your rubbish/refuse collected?

    Where I live they have just changed it to ever 2 WEEKS! In between they just collect papper and recyclable stuff.

    The leftovers from my fish supper are going to stink to high heaven by the time they get here next.

  • The JellyBaby
    The JellyBaby

    Ooooh, nice subject.

    We have ours collected every Monday. But the blinking effort you have to make to seperate cardboard from plastics, etc, it's the last thing I want to be doing on a sunday evening. I live near the sea, so we have a lot of seagulls. You should see the mess they make. They tear into plastic bin bags like no tomorrow, the crap is sprawled right down the street untill it gets windy, then it congregates in a corner somewhere, and festers for weeks....!!!

  • blondie

    Once a week; we use our garbage disposal for as much as we can. Otherwise double bag it and keep in the freezer...or take it down there yourself (we do that with trash that may be questioned).


  • Peppermint


    I know the deal with seagull I used to live in Torquay. Those things are one of the things that sent me packing.

    On the recycle stuff, we don?t have to separate at all, thank goodness. Plus we do get a separate bin for it.

  • The JellyBaby
    The JellyBaby

    I call them Rats with wings. They are vile creatures them Seagulls, ugly buggers too. They'll nick anything. You must also know the unbearable noise they make at 5 O'clock in the morning!! Many a time I'm shouting out 'F*"K off!!!

  • Angharad
    Where I live they have just changed it to ever 2 WEEKS

    2 Weeks !! I hope they gave you a reduction in your council tax for that

    Weekly in Manchester.

  • Peppermint

    No reduction. I think they plan to do it nationwide.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    as part of our county and town taxes; we have curbside pick up twice a week.

  • Angharad
    No reduction. I think they plan to do it nationwide

    Your kidding me Its a pain in the neck if we forget and we miss one week putting the bin out.

    Doesnt surprise me there is no reduction in the tax that is supposed to pay for it - typical labour.

  • Mutz

    They collect rubbish and recylables on alternate weeks here.
    Wheelie bins can get a little whiffy in the summer. :)

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