HURRAH......its Friday tommorow!!!!!

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  • ScoobySnax

    What a crap week at work!!.... Last day tommorow, then Friday night pub session lined up.... x 4

    ....and that long long long lie in on Saturday morning with the Alka looks brighter already!!

    Was there ever such a beautiful time as Friday at 7pm?

    What you lot up to tommorow night?


  • The JellyBaby
    The JellyBaby

    Home at 4:00pm

    Pub 7:00pm

    Bed, early hours Sat am...

    Still in bed most Sat am....with headache....!

    Watch footy....all is good!!

  • coldfish

    Yay for me, it's already Friday afternoon here in NZ

    Only 2 more hours at work, my first week back after having 2 weeks off at xmas.

    I'm not doing anything exciting and worth reporting about.

    But being the new year and all I've sucked myself into yet another new year's resolution of being fit and healthy blah blah. So tonight and Sat I'll probably go for a long walk or for a swim.

    What I won't be doing? I won't be going witnessing, to the meeting or preparing the watchtower!

  • Country_Woman

    A very old rhym (over 60 years old) says:

    Donderdag is de schoonste dag, 's-morgens nog een halve week en 's-avonds nog 2 dagen


    Thursday is the happiest day, at morning still half a week, in the evening 2 days.

    those days you had to work from Monday till Saturday.

    When you say it today you only have to change Thursday into Wednesday.

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