Getting around shunning?

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  • FreedomFrog

    <Sigh>'s hitting me that Mom won't see the misleading, mind controlling, manipulative ways of the WT. I'm frustrated. I have a packet prepared for her consisting of the blood issue, birthdays, United Nations, false prophecy and a copy of the transcript of Fred Franz saying that it's members HAVE to obey EVEN if they are wrong.

    Is there any way I can attack the shunning and why it wouldn't be Christian or loving to do so? I want to add that as my last piece in my packet.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Frog -

    Raymond Franz deals with that issue in his 'In Search of Chrstian Freedom'. I have loaned my copy, so can't tell you the pages - I think the heading deals with the disfellowshipping process and the shunning under a sub-heading entitled 'Scriptural, but Mis-applied' - something like that. Anyway, I think his book would give you plenty of places to start in that catagory.

    Perhaps someone else can cite the pages that apply.

    I think you could certainly stick with the Bible's accounts of Jesus dealing with others as a basis here too.

    Just My Opinion


  • upside/down

    You're just going to be beating your head against the wall.

    You've got to get used to the idea that you are free- and very likely will be alone as far as Dub association goes. But once you get used to it, your new freedom becomes very comfortable!

    Good Luck- you'll need it.

  • FreedomFrog
    I think the heading deals with the disfellowshipping process and the shunning under a sub-heading entitled 'Scriptural, but Mis-applied'

    I'll check it out. I've read his books over and over and they have a lot of information, but sometimes if I can't back it up by using "current" publications it's hard to prove it. The frustrating part is, if Jesus was here I'm sure he would set them straight, but he's not and now I've got to try to convince them that they are wrong. Which I know that may be impossible. I just have to hope that my parents will review this even after I'm DF'd.

    You're just going to be beating your head against the wall.

    Yeah, I know. I just feel I need to at least try. Maybe some of what I say will stay in their heads and over the years something will click on to help them see that this isn't loving. I'm going to lose a lot and it's hard to come to grips with that. I know I have to go through the 'grieving' period, but still that doesn't have any comfort knowing this.

    I know what I'm doing is right...or at least right for me and the way 'I' need to serve God. I have to serve him with love and not out of obligation. I'm trying so hard not to get angry at them or the organization. I want to 'set an example' by showing them with lot's of love. The phrase 'Kill them with kindness' keeps gnawing at me. But I sure am angry! I have to suppress that around them.

    I think this all hit me after all of my research has come to almost a closing and still realizing that all of this was probably for nothing.


  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen

    Not necessarily, FFrog. Your info packet may be of use in the future. For now, try walking around the mental wall they have built, instead of running into it. If they are still on friendly or speaking terms with you, you could mention that you have been studying or saw a program on the tactics of 'evil cults', how they recruit, and retain people. Assure them you are not speaking bout their group. After all, they have the Truth, right? Moonies, Scientologists, even Amway use these tactics. Steve Hassan has a great book called Releasing the Bonds, that details how cults recruit, program and retain members. I think we are all familliar with the results. I got a great little pamphlet from Bruce Laughton (aka The Exorcist) that describes the steps and tactics used by any High Control Group. Write to Answers, Inc. PO Box 522, Hopkins MN 55343 for a copy. It may take longer, and be less satisfying at first than a head on confrontation, but i may get them thinking "am I in a cult?"

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