Cops---Woman "Attacks Another at Church!

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  • Voyager

    Credit for this article goes to (Debbie), at Watchtower Observer.


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    Cops: Woman attacks another at church

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    This story ran on on Tuesday, January 11, 2005 12:48 AM CST

    PORTER TOWNSHIP | A Valparaiso woman was arrested on a battery charge after she was accused of attacking another woman inside the Jehovah's Witness Hall at 198 W. Division Road.

    Janiene Griselle, 36, of 3602 Timberbridge Drive, Valparaiso, was taken to Porter County Jail at 10:30 a.m. Sunday. She faces a maximum of a year in prison if convicted of the battery charge. Porter County police also ordered her not to return to the church.

    The victim, a 30-year-old Valparaiso woman, told police she was in the main sanctuary when she was told Griselle wanted to talk to her in the bathroom. The victim said she went to the bathroom, at which time Griselle stated she was sleeping with the victim's boyfriend.

    The victim said Griselle screamed at her to leave the man alone, but the victim said she told Griselle she didn't want to discuss it at church. The victim said she tried to leave, but Griselle blocked her path and then slapped, punched and kicked her. The victim suffered scratches and a bruise before a man entered the bathroom to break it up, police said.

    Police said Griselle admitted she lost her "cool" and would have to "live and learn."

    If Griselle returns to the Valparaiso-area church, she faces arrest on a criminal trespass charge. Police issued a trespass warning at the request of a church elder.

  • RunningMan

    This is freakin' hillarious. I'd like to hear this experience related at the district convention. The Society just keeps getting more and more bad publicity.

  • Voyager


    If you'll click on the thread, the article is a lot more clear to read than the cut and paste.


  • BluesBrother
    Porter County police also ordered her not to return to the church.

    I guess the elders wont be able to re instate her, if they d/f her that is?

  • Voyager


    Yep! Your probably right there Blues. Won't be finding this (experience) in the next Yearbook!


  • Elsewhere

    LMAO.... These are the days of our lives.....

    *** Cue Music ***

  • Voyager


    Lets Get Ready To Rumble! Tickets to the next Bathroom brawl will be sold at the next convention!

    I agree RunningMan, I did get a laugh out of it to.


  • Voyager


    Would make for a pretty good (soap-opera) now wouldn't it?


  • Forscher

    I knew a young brother that was on his po's shitlist. One evening the po gave a part on the service meeting that was intended to humiliate him and call for his marking. There'd been no warning of this (as you know the elders are required to meet with anyone they are going to do something like this to, the po hadn't even bothered with that). So he went up to the elder and demanded to know why he'd done that! It turned into an argument and then a brawl involving that kid, his po, and the po's sons. Of course the kid was the one who got Df'd.

  • Valis
    Porter County police also ordered her not to return to the church.

    good for her!

    Police issued a trespass warning at the request of a church elder.

    I can see it now..Church Elder: "so Brother Fornicato, is there anything we need to discuss?" Feel free to add Brother Fornicato's reply...


    District Overbeer

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