Bloodless Intensive Care--A Case Series and Review of Jehovah's Witnesses!

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  • BluesBrother

    As SNG said, "Therefore, JWs were more than twice as likely to die in the ICU than the general public. I used to argue that Witness mortality rates were actually better than the public. <Sigh> "

    Were we not conned?


    w71 2/15 pp. 118-119 Enduring Trials That Test Our Faith ***

    What if you should find yourself in a circumstance where doctors insist on giving blood to you or to one of the members of your family? Will you faithfully adhere to God?s clear law that commands abstinence from blood? Or will you be tempted into breaking his law by pressures instigated by the Devil? How happy are those who have faithfully obeyed God when faced by such a test! Not only do they have the grand consciousness of God?s approval, but they have been protected from the many horrible diseases and dangers with which blood transfusions are associated.

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