What Grandpa Said

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  • Gretchen956

    I don't know why, but this afternoon I've been thinking about my grandpa. This would be my dad's pop, his name was Fred, and he was a little German man who had been crippled by polio or something when young and used these two metal support cane/walker things to get around. He was a quiet man, didn't say too much nor show much affection, a very hard worker. But grandma was the matriarch and ruled the house (and you wonder where I got it!)... She ran a tight ship and would always order my grandpa around, made him go outside to smoke his pipe. He smoked the best smelling tobacco, I don't remember if it was cherry or apple or what but it smelled delicious.

    Grandpa and grandma were pinnochle players (cards) and played cutthroat. They never played on the same team and just HATED giving the other the bid. I remember their bids being astronomical compared with others I have played with. Course back then it was just the adults that got to play. I loved to watch them, though.

    Anyway, if you told grandpa something amazing or that was news to him he had this expression: "well I'll be go to hell."

    He was a hold out from joining the dubs, grandma went, two of my aunts, one of my uncles was pretty high up in bethel during the sixties and early seventies and then suddenly was disfellowshipped for apostacy. But grandpa let grandma handle the religion for their family.

    I never once saw them express affection for each other, nor ever fight either. But one memory stands clear in my mind as if it were yesterday (it was 30 some years ago instead). When grandma died, he stood over her coffin crying. He took his wedding ring off his finger and laid it inside the coffin with her and told her he would never need it again because they were burying his heart with her. There wasn't a dry eye there.

    Grandpa passed away almost 20 years ago. Don't know why he's in my thoughts.

    For some reason I wanted to share that memory. I'll be go to hell, grandpa.


  • bisous

    I think that is a beautiful memory which expresses an approach to love you don't see as much in later generations. You made me think of my great-grands....married 65+ years .... bookends. When they were late in years, and we were all grown-ups we did manage to weasel a few stories out of them about their younger love years. But there weren't any big outward displays of affection that I recall either.

    Mutual respect, years of endured trials and shared hopes and dreams, lives well lived.

  • wednesday

    That was so beautiful. I loved it.

    We are creating memories for our grandchildren now. One day I hope they will be telling others about grandma and papa.

    My dad used to say"I'd give my front seat in hell to see that". always makes me laugh.

  • Mulan

    Thanks Sherry. Loved that story.

  • ConcernedMom

    That's a beautiful story...
    I was the youngest of 6 kids by many years (change of life baby...) and didn't really know my grandparents. All but one grandma died before I was born and she lived far away and died when I was 6. I was really grateful that my kids got to know their grandparents. My mom is the only one left now and she is 86 and getting frail. Lately, she has been telling my 15 year old daughter stories about her dating years that she never told me!! I'm seeing her in a whole new light, lol. I guess there are things I've done that I don't want to tell my kids (god forbid they do them...or that I have to know they do them) but maybe as a grandparent--as opposed to parent--you are more at ease letting your hair down...

  • Odrade

    "I'll be go to hell!"

    Great story Sherry, loved the part about the pinnochle! RIP Grandpa.

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