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  • M.J.

    I have learned that a family member has been studying with the JWs for many months now. This is so incredibly alarming for me. I won't get into how this could cause a tremendous "ripple effect" in my life. Her husband, in customary fashion, was blindsided by this and is obviously quite alarmed. He's quite green when it comes to dealing with this and has convinced her to go speak w/ the local pastor as they "sort things out". They live in the Seattle area.

    I know that in the Seattle area there are some very knowlegeable people when it comes to the Society. I truly hope I can get a hold of such a person for them to meet with and discuss things, perhaps instead of them going to the local pastor. Or maybe a meeting with several people would work better...I am open to suggestion on this. Thanks for any leads / tips / contacts. This JW recruit I am speaking of was drawn into study through her very close relationship with certain JWs. She is an open-minded individual and was not particularly religious before this. I don't think she would shut out alternate views/explanations/experiences.

    Please help! Thank you!

  • Gretchen956

    I'm in the Seattle area but definately not the person to refute them, I'm sure that you'll find one here who is. I'm replying so that this will remain active and I'll check back later again to see how you are faring with this.

    Good luck!


  • JustTickledPink

    I love how they befriend the person right away and show how "nice" they are. It's like joining this really nice people club... then once you're in, you figure out how everything is terribly wrong.

  • M.J.

    Okay, I found someone who runs a Christian ministry for JWs/Ex-JWs who is willing to speak with them. Although I can't help but think it would also be great for her to also speak to someone she can identify with. Someone who can speak about their own personal experiences. Well thanks again for any assistance. Oh btw she has no children and is in her late 20s. For more info please pm me. Thanks.

  • Carmel

    I volunteer Steve and Princess! Good solid youthful yet mature folks with connections! Mulan would probably act as shaperone!

    carmel of the "too far south" class

  • seattleniceguy

    I could sit in on a discussion....


  • M.J.

    Nice guys are more than welcome!

  • darkuncle29

    I think it is good that you are dealing with this proactively. I'm here, but I am not a clear comunicator when it comes to gettign an important point accross. I'd be willing to meet them in a group setting with others.

    Good luck.

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