Is this new light or disposable light? JWs part of christiandom.

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  • XQsThaiPoes

    I listend to the watchtower study on the 2nd. I think it may be what the comic industry calls a "one shot" and maybe an "else world" too. When did "chistiandom" become basically lazy,inactive, unreachable, or undiscoverd JWs.

    THe article was about Amos and they made up a bunch of weird "modern day" applications. THe one hammered was that "christiandom" are JWs that due to their rulers stacking the deck (I assume like moscow or asia), or thier inheirent preoccupation with luxury are not paying attention to the "signs" or whatever. Another one was the edict not to encourage the bethelites, COs, or poineers to return to a "normal life" (they actually used the phrase "normal life") because theyare like the nazarites and crap.

    THe thing I can't understand is how is the WTS magicaly lumping jws and christendom into the
    same class with out any "new light". THey are basically saying the only difference is that christendom is lazier and more decadent.

    Now in the general JW continuity this is a mile stone nobody noticed. I am wondering what am I missing. Any help?

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    new light IS disposable light - that's what makes it so handy. they should start stale-dating it!

  • BluesBrother

    Had another look at the Nov 15th WT . As I read it they are stil pretty clear that unfaithful Israel pictured "Christendom, the most reprehensible part of Babylon the Great" , in contrast to the witnesses "Whereas he has assigned his present day servants to do a work like Amos"

    The warning not to discourage the "Nazarite like pioneers" did not go as far as to say that weaker witneses were "Christendom"

  • upside/down

    Me thinks the "new light" runs on cheap (non-alkaline) batteries!


  • Kenneson

    Flicker. Flicker. And out.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    BB you are right but that is illogical. Thats like saying the crust on the bread is garbage. Then asking is bread garbage? No just the crust.

    WHat I got and I may be wrong if a bunch of excuses why christiandom is so "evil". Think about you take a jebberish term like "babylon the great" you say it has negative connotations and then associate a group with it. It reminds my of the term "high yellow". If anyone knows what "high yellow" means youls see the parallel of how abstract phrasses can be used to keep people from being objective.

    BTW BB I didnt remember any thing in the ariticle that sudgest that chistiandom was good or a positive thing. But I was more concerened that the analogy was very odd. Saying that one way or another christiandom are bad israelites. Look at the analogy. WT cronies are Nazarites, r&f jws are good isrealites, and christiandom is bad or victim of circumstances isrealites that are to be taken captive by assyrians. Also note the punishment. The good isrealites were taken captive too along with the bad. So if the analogy plays out being a JW is no different than being in christiandom because the same fate awaits you. And BTW this follow the same doctrine of all dead friend or foe being ressurected, and the "beast" destorying christiandom and JWs.

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