JW-TOLL FREE NUMBER -866-388-2222

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    Every morning, very early, about 5-5:30pst I get to see this crappy PSA by the dubbies. I'm sure someone else has reported on it. It's the one where the young girl is "chatting" on the internet with what turns out to be (slow pull back to reveal) a dirty old man with a beer. Voice-over is talking about what wholesome family life should be with obligitory shot of happy JW family at end....AND "Christian Congregation Of Jehovah's Witnesses" ...AND this toll free #. It's only up a couple of seconds. I had to watch the damn thing two diff mornings to get the number. I don't think they really want anyone to call.

    Oh yeah, it's been airing on CBS early news so I fired them off a protest email (maybe some of you too?). I also plan on phoning the toll-free number and giving them an earful. Isn't it wonderful how they're warning our children about the evils of the internet...I mean they'd be so much safer with Elder Sleazeball.


    PS. They answer the phone..."public information office." Maybe it's JR's number...haven't checked yet.

  • blondie

    I doubt that is JR's # since it is a toll-free phone number. I'm sure it is a dedicated phone line connected with the PSAs of the WTS though.


  • upside/down


    They finally stole my idea.

    I suggested it years ago- they said not to "jump ahead" of the bOrg. How can I outrun a celestial chariot. And I always thought I was slow.


  • ColdRedRain

    You're a younger person with fresher ideas. You will outrun Jehovah's chariot every time, even if you're drunk and walking backwards.

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