Have you recieved any "gifts"?

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  • upside/down

    I have read from day one how Dubs aren't restricted by worldly holidays (specifically C'mas and B'days) as they can give gifts ANY day of the year.

    I married into a HUGE Dub clan. To this day (20years and counting) I have NEVER recieved a gift from anyone. Have you?

    My cheap ass Dub bosses never even gave an end of the year bonus (totoally tax deductible). But they alway took 2 vacations per year to Hawaii, drove nice cars, ate at fine restaurants, and BITCHED constantly about how much they paid in taxes. I think they are the religion of "cheap".

    Do tell,


  • Fe2O3Girl

    I was lucky! I actually did get gifts at other times of year from my parents, and yes, they were gift wrapped.

    I still do get gifts from them - from vacations, for our wedding anniversary, and sometimes, "just because".

    A couple of years ago, the woman that studied with my parents gave me a silver bracelet as a thank-you gift for driving her to my parent's house and home again not long after she lost her husband. (In the UK, a couple of hours' drive is still a big deal!) I am always welcome to visit her, and when I am able to, I do.

  • Sassy

    hmmm.... trying to remember if I ever got a gift from a dub...

    I think I must have at some point.. Wedding presents of course.. but an every day I am thinking of you gift? hmmm.. maybe not.. I can't seem to remember one

  • stopthepain

    IMO----From what I saw growing up,generally speaking ,jdubs are tight with the dollar.

  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    I married into a HUGE Dub clan. To this day (20years and counting) I have NEVER recieved a gift from anyone. Have you?

    not a one.

  • Mulan

    When I was little, and couldn't go to after school birthday parties, I would always arrive home to a gift on my bed. It was always a surprise. Looking back on it now, I should have realized it would happen every time, but I never made the connection. Now I know my mother was trying to soften the blow for me.

    We got lots of presents all year. Mom always took me shopping the day after Thanksgiving, for clothes. We did that up until the year I got married. After Christmas, we would go get me some fun things, so that when I went back to school, I had tales of new toys too.

    I know lots of families who never got a thing though. I think being JW's excused them from learning how to give, and to be generous. Even now, when many of them leave the JW's, they don't want to start doing birthdays and holidays, and use the excuse that it is all too commercialized. They are missing out on a wonderful joy..............giving.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    My parents were really good. We got little gifts on our birthdays, even a cake (but no candles), we'd get things over the Christmas holidays too, so we had something new to go back to school with. They'd bring us back little things if they went away for the weekend etc. I can remember bringing them back little things when I went to visit my grandparents, getting Anniversary gifts for them etc. I had it pretty good I think compared to what I've read of others experiences.

    As for my husbands family - zip, zilch, nadda, nothing ever - no anniversary gifts, not even a card - the odd time a phone call. My two brothers in law, celebrated their 20th anniversaries this year and no celebrations - nothing! My family uses anniversaries as an excuse to throw a big party, get all the relatives together, JW and non JW and have a good time! (Not that ever needed an excuse - it just seemed to work out that way.)


  • upside/down

    I must apologize- and stand corrected!

    I did get two gifts on one occassion back in 1986 as I was leaving to serve where the great were needed. A Serge Sviatzky (big big shot in my Hall) gave me a pen and pencil set and a Sr. Yoshinaga ( a dear great human being) who's husband beat her all the time till the day he died of drinking too much, gave me $30.00 as I left for my "assignment". She definitely gave the "widows mite". The Hall I was in however did NOTHING, and were so wealthy they were known as Laodicea East. They were a hall of filthy rich good ol boys. Of course the preaching work was for dumb young bucks like me. Wow and I believed it!

    Anyway this correction is necessary lest the god of the Dubs strike me where I sit


  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    This is the first year that I didn't get my JW inlaws, nieces and nephews, and sisters in laws gifts.

    I did it every year my husband and I have been together.

    Not once did they say thank you.

    I don't buy gifts anymore for people who don't say thank you.

    These are the same relatives who get the holiday food boxes from welfare and free toys from Toys 4 Tots.

    But they don't celebrate holidays.

    This really burns my butt!

  • Dustin

    Besides my parents, I never got anything from any of them. All the J-dubs in my area were to poor from "pioneering", or just too rich to care about you. Not much for middle ground.


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