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  • duffy

    Years ago, while I was still in, I heard coworkers talk about jws leaving candy on their porch. I had to tell them I knew nothing about that practice and that I thought it sounded kind of cheesy to be honest. Over the years I 've heard the same comments about jws leaving candy behind when they find no one at home... Whats up with that? Is it official policy? Why would a company with child abuse scandals be leaving candy,of all things?

  • under74

    never heard of this before. sure it wasn't mormons?

  • Elsewhere

    I think that is someone else. JWs only leave behind literature.

  • duffy

    That's what I thought at first, but I talked to each of them, these were people who took the time to talk to the witnesses. The candy often accompanied literature. The reason I was thinking it might be somewhat official is that it's occured in different areas of the PNW over time.

  • under74

    you mean Pacific Northwest? Was it that Brach's candy?

  • Dan-O

    Is this some sort of Halloween in reverse?

  • duffy

    Yes, I do mean the Pacific Northwest, sorry. I t was bulk candy so it could have been Brach's.

  • blondie

    If a JW is doing it, it is their personal proclivity. Never heard of it in 50 years, several states and countries. Maybe it's Reverse Halloween.

  • Goshawk

    Naw it's just a closet apostate leaving behind a little something that will help get rid of the taste in the "householder's" mouth after reading that crap er literature.

  • myself

    LOL Goshawk

    I don't remember anything on the monthly report that showed candy placements. Was it next to magazines or books?

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