Let the Playoffs begin

by xenawarrior 20 Replies latest social entertainment

  • cab1000

    GO COLTS!!!!!

  • Funchback


    THIS thread sure has lost its momentum!

    Well, my EAGLES are going to show Randy Moss and his skinny moon what a butt whoopin' feels like.

    This weekend I like the EAGLES, COLTS, STEELERS, and FALCONS.

  • jws

    Yesterday was one of 3 days this season that a Bears fan can actually root for the Vikings. I'm pretty much a fan of any team playing the Packers.

    When Al Harris can't cover a guy with a gimpy leg. Man! HeHe! 4 INTs by Favre! Wish he played that way every week!

    Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel website says Favre is currently weighing the option of whether or not he comes back next year. He has had a lot going on this season with his brother-in-law's death and his wife's breast cancer. It seems his decision will be based on whether he feels he can help the Packers back to the Super Bowl next year. After yesterday's game, he felt like he let the team down. During the season, he even took himself out of the game (ending his touchdown in x-consecutive games) streak because he felt he was ineffective. I think Favre feels that he is the weak link now. I don't think his heart is in it anymore. With him gone, the NFC North is wide open again! Bye Bye Brett!

  • eljefe

    I was embarassed for Farve. He's much better than that. On that note Go Colts!

  • Funchback

    I underestimated the Patriots this week.

    With that said, as much as I would like to see a Pennsylvania Super Bowl, I predict an Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl.

  • Golf

    What the hell happened to the Colts? 3 points!!!!!!!!!!!


  • seeitallclearlynow

    What?? Confusedjw doesn't have a football team?!

  • Sassy

    well I was disapointed but not surprised that the Vikings didn't win today.. but hey. how often do they get past one game in the playoffs.. we we can still claim progress!

    I will be hoping the Steeler make it all the way now

  • Sweetp0985

    Let's Go Atlanta!!!!!

    I think Superbowl 39 is going to be Atlanta Falcons vs. ?????

  • seven006

    I hate the Seahawks, I hate the Seahawks, I hate the Seahawks, I hate the Seahawks, I hate the Seahawks, I hate the Seahawks, I hate the Seahawks, I hate the Seahawks, I hate the Seahawks, I hate football.


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