Would You Tell The Local Press If You Were Summoned Before A JC?

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  • Englishman

    Many years back, a friend of mine was summoned to appear before a disfellowshipping committee. The relevant part of the story is here: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/17752/1.ashx

    So I was wondering if it might not be a good idea to emulate his course of action?

    The Brit local newspapers love a story like this with it's pathos and drama being maniluplated by an illegal kangaroo court comprised of religious elders. Maybe if it became the norm for for threatened ex's to inform the local press of what was about to transpire, elders might think twice before ousting would be faders from the congregation?

    So, if you're going to be DF'd at a JC, why not inform the press of what will happen? How you will be shunned by everyone, including your JW family? The story will be read by many in the congregation too and it is also a good way of making sure that more people will hear your side of the story.


  • outnfree

    Well, I don't know about writing the requests for postponements on toilet paper , but it would be good to get coverage on the heartlessness/absurdity of DFing/shunning/JC's and also on the very personal and improper lines of questioning that elders put to the JW-in-the-judicial-hot-seat.

    However, it's not every day that a religion writier is looking for this sort of stuff. I always thought it would be nice to try to counterpoint the "Oh!-aren't-our-conventions-just-so-spiritually-lovely-and-good-for-your-local-economy,-too! articles that come around annually. This would only work if the journalist had local "color" -- a recently DF'd JW in the local readership area. Unfortunately, I missed the boat by not inviting a journalist along when I did my flyer/rolling billboard campaign during the 2001 DC in my area. "Goons at work" might've been the title of THAT sidebar!


  • new light
    new light

    That's a good idea. What have you to lose if they are going to shun you anyway? It will almost certainly earn one the apostate badge among the locals, which can be good or bad depending on the person's mindset. I'm in.

  • unclebruce

    No English.. but I'd practically die laughing .. then steel myself for some serious fun.

    Nice hat, unclebruce

  • vitty

    Yes, I would consider doing this.

    I think if everyone went to the local paper, I think the WT would reconsider, Dfs people so quickly.

    The tragedy is most witnesses still believe its the truth when they get ousted out, they accept their bad treatment by trying to get reinstated.

    Its those people we need to help, dont know how

  • garybuss

    I summonsed the elders to a meeting and called the press to witness the meeting. The press and 80 or 90 others showed but the elders didn't. Does that count?

    We went ahead with the meeting without them. Witnesses who they were shunning testified. We recorded it all and it made the papers and a follow up on TV. It was a rather empowering experience.

    The elders just may have received the message that a few of us were not intimidated by them. To think the elders were shy of a couple video cameras, such a surprise. Lol

  • FairMind

    No I would not go public unless I intended to sue and thought that the publicity would help. Since he that laughs last laughs best, I want the last laugh.


  • MegaDude

    I tried it, Mike. I called the religious editor at the Fort Worth Star Telegram, my city paper. I was informed the JWs spent a lot of money in Fort Worth when they had assemblies and the religious editor wouldn't want any negative stories about the JWs to discourage them from coming back to my city. So much for the free press, eh?

  • Eyebrow2

    For me, I wouldn't bother. Religions have the right to exclude whoever they want. I wouldn't be df;d for anything very interesting to be in the press any way hahah.

    Now, if it was for something like getting medical treatment for my child, reporting child abuse (speaking against another in the congregation regarding abuse etc), then yes, MAYBE it would be a good idea. I say that because those are things that other religions deal with too..at least the abuse part.

    I don't think the press would be interested in a case where there is a jc meeting for fornication or drunkeness, etc...but the other social issues...it may help.

    I will never go back and be a witness, BUT I do look forward when they get with the program and update how they deal with certain social issues. I think that the press being involved has helped some changes be made. That is good for everyone over all.

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