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  • Rabbit


    > Interestingly some Swedish Brothers went in the field service with the Phuket congregation on Sunday morning rather than frolicking in the sea. It may have saved their lives as when they came back to their living quarters many cabins had been destroyed by the huge waves. They thanked Jehovah that they had put his service first over enjoying swimming and sunning themselves.

    Thanks for your post. I wanted to let you know...I love Jehovah's Witnesses! I can't speak for anyone else, but, I have heard that from a lot of X-JW's. We all have brothers, sisters, Moms & Dads, cousins who are Witnesses...I don't hate them. I simply do not believe in their religion anymore. I served the Watchtower Society for 35 years.

    My family shuns ...me! Even tho' I am not DF/DA, not that that is a good excuse to NOT SHOW LOVE. Like others have said...if you are not a member of their "club" you just are out of luck. You will not be treated with equal human love and care, instead...you are 2nd rate. And if you leave their "club" your rating plummets to "zero".

    THAT is NOT Christ-like at all !

    The underlined portions above make me sick. Do you believe "frolicking in the sea" is wrong? What about sunning and swimming ? Vacations? Are you trying to infer that Jah somehow 'protected' these JW's because they WENT OUT IN SERVICE ???

    What about the JW's that died ? Was THAT because they wren't out in service? Maybe their hours were low ? Spotty meetings ? Frolicking, sunning or swimming ...perhaps ?

    So...what about the 149,998 floating dead "unbelievers" ? 5 million homeless ? They didn't take a magazine or *Free Bible study ?

    But, hey...why worry? The Tsunami just helped God kill off unbelievers...there will be fewer to murder off at Armeggedon, RIGHT ?

    Yeah, "God is Love".

    > There are a number of other foreign brothers having atteded meetings but that have not been heard of since. At this stage we just can't say what happened to them. Well, one thing we all can do is keeping our affected brothers in our prayers-- I am sure you all will and already do. One positive aspect of the disaster is that surely people will here and elsewhere give more attention when we quote Mt. 24:7 where it says about the time of the end that there will be "earthquakes in one place after another."


    > With much brotherly love,

    Yeah...I'll just bet they will listen now!

    Gee, be sure to donate NOW for all the new Kingdom Halls that will be popping up! (These should be built BEFORE providing any actual help to the 5 million homeless) Are you aware KH's are not to be used as Emergency Public Shelters ?

    Super Secret, no doubt you will take offense at what I've said. After you get over your anger, come back and answer everyone's questions and comments with an open mind. Ask JW's the same questions. Think about it a very long time.


  • Valis
    Do you think that the jws are equiped to do mass relieve? No there not, but they do what they can. I know everyone reading this hates jws, but if someone says there not doing anything they are.

    There doing more then anyone of you,

    sod off!

  • smokeyjones

    Why are you telling supersecret to sod off? This person makes a valid point. Anyway you need to put into perspective what the organisation is here for; it is a religion not a charity (albeit registered as one). I remember when i was a young dub going across Europe from the UK to Bosnia with no room in our Van because of the seats we donated to a small congregation. We had no money or a place to sleep, we just did it out of brotherly love. Yeah brotherly love, sorry the JWs don't go around saving the entire world but thats not part of their mindset. Maybe the JWs have a lot wrong, but lacking in altruism isn't one of them.

  • Leolaia
    But, hey...why worry? The Tsunami just helped God kill off unbelievers...there will be fewer to murder off at Armeggedon, RIGHT ?

    Last night I just heard some unbelievable nonsense spewed by the religious nut Jennifer Giroux on MSNBC's Scarborough Country....She described how Thailand is the center of unspeakable sin against God and "God is not to be mocked," and suggested that the disaster was a "wake-up call" from God to get them to change their ways.

  • Odrade

    BTW, minor sidepoint, but during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the only members of the public who were allowed inside the doors of the WTS buildings were police and fire officials. They were allowed inside the LOBBY to take naps in the chairs and use the lobby bathroom.

    None of the thousands of terrified people streaming across the Brooklyn Bridge were given shelter or assistance of any significance by the WT organization, though it can be assumed that individual JWs in the area may have been moved out of the goodness of their own hearts to offer water or aid.

    I think the activity demonstrated by the WTS in the disaster in their own backyard (across the river) truly demonstrates their lack of sense of community. When other organizations were sending money, supplies and manpower--as much as they could, JWs sent a couple of pairs of preachers to pass out tracts and read scriptures. While comfort is valuable in disaster situations, more basic needs must be addressed across the board to truly display any appreciation for fellowman and community. The WT organization as a whole does not show any of this spirit, except within their own closed loop.

    I believe the emails that are circulating... even if they are true, and not fabricated, amply demonstrate that once again, in this disaster of unbelievable proportions, the WTS main concern is really only the handful of JWs in that area, plus their properties if they have any. If, as posted here earlier, they are making announcements at the Service meeting this week, you would expect that donations "for the tsunami disaster" solicited from 6 million adherents, will far exceed the cost of providing mats, blankets, water and even huts to "our brothers" affected by this tragedy. I would be shocked if the excess funds donated were used exclusively for the rest of the local community of non-JW persuasion. So where will it go?


  • BrendaCloutier

    I went over to visit my elderly JW parents yesterday. My dad was rather out of it, he has middle-stage alzheimers and diabetes. Somedays he's good, others, not. He does recognize me, and can carry on conversation.

    My mom's tired. Taking care of my dad.

    She opened with something like "isn't the devastation from the tsunami just awful?" and we conversed about it. She noted the man found 100 miles off the coast the day before, and wow he was fortunate, what did he live on? I don't think I could eat a raw fish. and so on. And now they're going to have to deal with disease. I suggested that with the near-immediate relief efforts that maybe the ravages of disease won't be nearly as bad as it could have been. She agreed. Then we went off on eating sushi.

    Never once did she mention armageddon, or JW's or anything. Her compassion and feelings were honest.

    She even confided in me that around christmas one neighbor left her a tin of homemade cookies, and another neighbor left them a fruit basket. "I ate the cookies and didn't tell your dad". (Both are diabetic) "We don't celebrate christmas, you know, and it's not like we have decorations or anything. I took it as a nice jesture". My parents are friendly and helpful with their neighbors. "The fruit was really good, too!"

    Amazing. Time wounds all heals...



  • seattleniceguy
    Do you think that the jws are equiped to do mass relieve? No there not, but they do what they can. I know everyone reading this hates jws, but if someone says there not doing anything they are.

    There doing more then anyone of you,

    Hi MySuperSecret, Welcome to the board! Thanks for posting the emails. It is a bit eerie to read them from this side. The "JW voice" is clear, and the lack of concern for non-JWs is actually quite astounding to me. I mean, the 150,000 non-Witnesses don't even get a mention, let alone a "we're praying for everyone affected," or something that would show warm human compassion. You make a valid point, that the Witnesses are not a relief organization. But I think about how I would react if I were a part of an organization with people over there. Sure, my first concern would be to inquire after my people, but you better believe I would be quite conscious of trying to help everyone involved. It's as though the Witnesses simply don't care about non-Witnesses, unless they believe there is a conversion opportunity. That's the real irony, for an organization that talks about "loving your neighbor as yourself." Just my two cents. SNG

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