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  • Kenneson

    I find it ironic that mankind is able to communicate almost instaneously yet no one was able to make the authorities in these countries aware. Surely some seismologist was aware of what was going on. But, then, maybe he just took it for granted that that part of the world had a tsunami warning system or it never entered his mind to try calling someone. Whatever...

  • Brummie
    others have posted here regarding how they were too close to the water and therefore "deserved" to die.

    ANYONE that has said that needs a heart transplant and a good thump upside the fkn head!

    We are just hearing of the two little Brit boys whose parents ran down to save their kids and help others, the 2 kids escaped but the parents died. Who wouldnt have run down to the beach to save their kids and while there tried to save others?

    As to the original question, I thought similar when reflecting back at the earthquakes that killed thousands back years ago before there was tv, no-one would have know what was going on in neighboring countries, its hard to even imagine how they coped.


  • under74

    There's like 2,000 Americans missing, plus a couple thousand other are Westerners missing. Yes, these countries were missing a warning system but no, even if they had a warning system there would still be many dead. Afterall, it was a huge earthquake that they say slightly knocked the Earth of it's axis.

    By the way, Sri Lanka is a very modern for the most part. So it's not like we're speaking of the most backwards countries here.

    How many signs did they have? How much time did they have to make it to higher ground? How many of us would have seen the sea line go back and not have been awe struck and not known what to do? Go North? In India that would mean what, Afghanistan? Why go north? I don't hear that question being asked of people in Florida hit by all the hurricanes -or the people in middle america (hurricane alley) being asked why they don't move north....so, maybe the point of the original questions isn't coming through?


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