Jehovah's protection during natural disasters - Need article

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  • Bonnie_Clyde

    When I saw the e-mail about the brothers in Sri Lanka who were safe at the Kingdom Hall because they were on the East side of the island, and the two brothers who were out in service and Jehovah protected them because they weren't at the beach, I couldn't help thinking about some articles I read several years ago.

    One was about a severe tornado in Elkhart, Indiana, and the Watchtower stated that the brothers who attended the meeting that day were spared. However, some who stayed home were killed by the tornado. I'm inclined to think that it was the "Palm Sunday" tornado that struck Indiana and Michigan back in April 1964. I can't find any information that goes back that far. Being a good witness, I really believed that those at the Kingdom Hall had Jehovah's protection. Several years later there was a mud slide in some country (maybe it was Mexico or further south). Several of the brothers fled downhill to find safety at the Kingdom Hall only to be killed, where those who fled uphill survived. At least that's the way I remember it. That really blew my mindset that Jehovah protects those who seek refuge in a Kingdom Hall. I can't find either one of these articles now. Can anyone help me?

    Oh, on Wednesday my husband saw an article about some Catholics who were in church and they survived the tsunami. He was going to save the article but forgot to. Do you think Jehovah was protecting them too?

  • upside/down

    Jehovah protects NO ONE! Jesus addressed this when talking about the tower that fell and killed many saying "time and unforseen occurence befall us all". Satan accused God of protecting Job(physically)- God removed that protection. You see it wouldn't be a true test of humanity and Satan's challenge if we indeed had a "hedge" around us now would it? Also how would free will come into play? Satan would be screaming "FOUL" if this were so.

    The sad reality for now is that the facts show God's hand isn't currently involved in the affairs of men. The only exception seems to be in the area of spirituality. But I'm talking PHYSICAL involvement in mens affairs. I know many people feel differently- They "know" God did such and such for them- Well until God empties the hospitals of the world of children suffering agonizingly slow and painful deaths, I'm not buying it. And yet people "know" God blessed them with a good job, new car, sex whatever... These things happen to all kinds of people EVERYDAY no matter what (even to athiests). Just because something appears miraculous doesn't mean God did it. Yeah, God gave you some financial crumb, but lets innocent people die of cancer or AIDS. What kind of God would be that petty? Certainly not one worthy of my devotion. Funny how Jesus made healing look SOOO EEASY! That was merely a priview of what's to come- I hope!

    For now we are on our own. That is a true test of character!


  • Leolaia

    It's called "confirmation bias". It's the same principle that lends psychics credance through which people forget all the misses and remember only the correct guesses. Who is saved or killed by the disaster is truly a random selection process but in case one is saved, one thinks it was by divine intervention (especially for those who happen to be near the edges of the disaster -- they wonder how it just missed them, yet every event has to have borders) and if one is not saved, the explanation would simply be that God is not in the business of saving people from disasters. As posts in other threads have shown, the Society has played both sides of this issue.

    Remember how during the Nazi persecution, some Witnesses claimed that God would stop the bullets should they be shot?

  • XQsThaiPoes

    Yeah actuallythis is a prime example of what the wts does. THey print "advertising" that is actually conflicting to their own doctrine. THe watchtower doctrine is that Jehovah does not protect JWs physically. Yet their advertising is overwhelming about random cases of people being saved by JW activities. Same thing with the blood issue, or their New yet denied child abuse policy.

  • peggy

    I have always had a problem with people who believed they were blessed by Jehovah. It really makes NO sense to me. It really hurts when it is reported that Jehovah saved someone, it makes me hurt for all who weren't saved. It is very similar to those who say that God took their loved one to heaven, while leaving family members here on earth to grieve. I really don't think that God involves himself this way. Life/death happens. LIVE.

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